Interview Lyrics

Interview person:
Yo, I'm here with Demetri Yates in the building, yeah, he's anoying, I don't like u D.J.Y-ack(wack)u's a SHUT UP

(Verse 1)Demetri
1 step into fame, but niggaz treat me like I'm average,
2 more steps, I'm controlling niggaz like pilots,
Money does it, keep the haters quiet,
Cuz that's the people u see in that wannabe enviornment.
So no time for the under-estimation,
Cuz being #1 is my destination,
I don't mind talking bout clothes, let the fags be hatin,
I'll just put em' to the test, know the test is basic,
Cuz they just retards,
They gone always be rolling around in them cheep cars,
So don't roll to the club sittin on fake dubs, cuz they don't know who u is,
But they know who we are,
Speak the numbers, speak the language,
Of a boss,
Ya Bosses boss,
Top of the game,
And yall just lost,

Interview person:
Man demetri, you aint gone sell no records,
U not reaching platinum demetri,
I'm sick of your wack songs,
U just embarrasing,
U a wack bi... (SHUT UP)

(Verse 2)
Look into the diamonds that lit the ear,
Yeah imma talking crystal clear,
U know it fits the gear,
But damn the jewelry, u know wat it took to get me hear,
I making a comeback,
Not brittany spears,
Time to remove all the amatures and go professional kid,
No time for dancing, time to be resting the kid,
Cuz I remember having 3 hot singles when first came out,
But u a one hit wonder, fade away like a dirt stain ouch,
U fired, get away from the bosses desk,
Wit wack hits like that, u lost respect,
U aint on my level, know that my flow is sick, contageous,
This is real, being a beast, how could I fake this,
I know my hits gone last through the ages,
For example, (blazing)
And when 2050 hits,
Imma have bout 2050 hits,
Imma be old, but look at how rich it gets,
And I aint marrying no hoe, cuz I don't want my crib feminite,
But for now I'm DJY rollin around in that bentley wit the window tent

Demetri, u just a big lie,
Who is this kid to say he's a beast,
U suck man,
I hate this fool,
He's a punk ni... (shut up)

(Verse 3)
Let me finish the interview, or should I say media,
Niggaz being personal, talking bout the previous,
Mixtapes of last year, I'm like OK,
Then I told these niggaz this is 08,
That means bigger things, hot albums,
Yates is taking over, Drop the volume,

Niggaz I said drop the volume,

Naw u fired, do it myself,

Disrespect a boss

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