Blazing Lyrics

(Verse 1)
She sort of like a burning flame,
So stylish,rocking dat sterling blang,
Seeing me with her got yall hurtin mane,
Our flames cant be stop by the purple rain.
No other prince aint taking my princess,
If he try,I blast a bullet in his chest,
Im sorry,these niggaz cant even glimpse that,
Cuz they eyes will burn quicker than slim fast.
But im not talking bout weight loss,
Talking bout a sexy girl,if u want her,we gone have to face off,
Leave the beef drowned with extra steak sauce,
I run this,she know she aint messing with a fake boss
But im messin with real fire,
& if u say u played with it,u's a real liar.
So let them clouds fade,(bye)
Shawty lets blaze.

(Chorus)Girl vocal)
Blazing fire,smoke in the sky,
Hating guys,choke on the ice,
And im feelin burnt,so 3rd degree,
Feel me in a urn, she burning me.
Blazing(blazing blazing)so hot
Blazing(blazing blazing)oooh,oh,ah,ah,blazing.

They cheep, cuz im tryna show her that the world can be fasinating,
But they all on us like aids,no vaccinating,
I'll give her the ice quick,no procrastinating,
They lame,dumpster truck,the trash is waiting.
Cuz i smell the scent of failure,
Im that presidential boss,ive been the mayor,
Them whack niggaz always have to bend the wager,
And when she burn that broke dude, make sure u send ya prayers.
And as ya praising in the church,
Her flames steady at a raising temperature.
Have a heat stroke,
& as far as im concerned when I get to her,she gone be soaked,
Cuz i've already showed im bad,
And yall soft and eazy to be toasted like a loaf of bread.
But not green money,
Cuz yall dont neva mean nothing.
I bought her nice shit so she have seen something.
They hate it but she'en frontin.
Cuz me and her make real teen loving'


(3rd Verse)
Oh, oh,
Here comes the fireman,
Furfiling her desires man,
Wat wat,
Put the flames out,
Dont interfere or u will get laid out.
Blazing through my mind,
U got me so hipnotized.
Burning so much much lit my blunt up,now im feeling high.
But im still focus,
Your body, im gone stoke it.
Others cant get it,so they use the lotion
But im using u.
U aint blazing,i u sweating and moving boo.
Stay still.
Dudes put down the fake bills.
Cuz she blazing.


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