Hate On That Lyrics

Yo I Think it's Time 2 Get back At Them Haters, Ya Heard, DJY, don't Play, WHAT

(1st Verse)
Got Something 2 say bout these Hataz on Tha Streets
Why u mad at the way I got it made from my head to my feet
U can't be like me cuz u niggaz 2 weak,
For example when walk on the block yall niggaz can't speak.
Look yall know yall can't hang wit my flow I'm 2 vicious,
I know that your girl always blowing me kisses,
She like my style, She say I'm a flirt like R.Kelly,
And She Say I'm so fresh, Like I was just baked at the Deli,
I'm Great man I know this,
I know yall hatin, but know this,
Yall just mad cuz yall can't have a flow so sick,
Of course u can hate on any body u want in the whole industry,
But least they can rap, it's eazy like chemistry,
And u can try dissin me, but u can't finish me,

Yall know I got more street cred than u, (HATE ON THAT)
Yall know I got more bread than u, (HATE ON THAT)
Yall Know I get more head than u, (HATE ON THAT)
Yall know yall hate, but I aint mad at u(HATE ON THAT) 2x

(2nd Verse)
don't hate on a me, I'm just a original rapper,
Lets see u rap little homie, oh that's right, u know u whacker,
I know I'm hot cuz I'm good at this shit,
U probably was good at slobbing B4 U can spit.
I see u always talking bout my hits,
My best hit was when I was getting some of ya girl's clit.
And u don't even dare talking bout my money,
Cuz it's kind of funny, I spent some of that on your mommy,
See u made it hard on yourself when u started hating on the one and only Demetri Yates,
See I'm that that kind of nigga everybody hates,
And I'm that kind of nigga which every girl wants a date.
And nigga hate on that,
Prove that I suck, cuz u know that aint a fact.
I'm to damn fresh to be hated,
U know u wanna be me, no need 2 fake it

(Hook) 2x

(3rd verse)
Case u hataz didn't understand the game and how it goes,
Nobody aint worrying bout hataz when u 2 busy selling out shows,
U see yall hataz are the ones I'm thanking,
Cuz yall one of the reasons my cd is top ranking.
See it's time yall respect my grind, I'm one of the top hustlaz,
If u can't give me my props well then nigga fu%k ya,
See I be on the road giving all that I got to the people,
I be rushing to be in the studio on time, wit my clothes wrinkle.
Give the song to my fans quickly,
Make sure they don't forget me,
And hataz, since u don't like my style, I'll just give this song right, niggaz u get me,
Look I'm the new hip hop captian of the states,
Hataz, remember, the name is Demetri Yates (AH HAH)

(Hook) 2x

Oh yeah hataz, stay off the hatorade please, and fans STAY FRESH

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