Like What Lyrics

[Chorus: N-Tyce]
It aint a hit, then we don't make it
Forget earning respect, nigga, we take it
Ain't nothin' you can do about it
We keep it hot like, what
Ya'll know that we rap, you gotta give it up

Ya'll done let the snakes run loose, ha
Down wit the venoms, now who got the juice
Strictly hip hop, baby, we Rocks the World, and that's for sure
Holdin' it down, bringin' it raw, for all y'all

I'm a dawn Hillbilly, all the real niggaz still feel me
Folks thinkin' they hot, they ain't ill, really
Catch me in the studio, tearin' it up
Sippin' out the bottle, pour the beer in a cup

Ayo, what up, how you want it, we can thug it or chill
I could give it to you raw or with sex appeal
Pretty Thug type, y'all be knowin' the deal
Keep it gangsta, for my niggaz keepin' it real

Speakin' of what, keepin it real, can't handle my skills
Smash on wax, throw you way off track
It's the return of the dead, cuz we always come back to life
Open your eyes and see the light

I'm like a role model type, model type, keep audio tight
Thugs want me as a part of they life
They catch feelings, like my cavity replacements
Rings with engagements, while we bombin' in the basement

D.V.'s heart, smash the pavement
Comin' through on the humble, leave a nigga dazin'
Bang it out, in the pit, keep a nigga craving
Aiyo, Tyce drop that shit, its blazin'

[Chorus x2]

I'm so hot, blazin' off the hood, like a magazine
Roll with the illest team, sharp like a guillotine
Swords gettin Venom CREAM, Sting like the Killa Beez
Representin' D.V.'s, representin' D.V.'s

Please, Venom get 'em, lookin' good in tight denim
I been this nice, since the beginning
Forgive me for sinning, it's all a part of living
All I do is speak, and look at men and them grinning

Aiyo, it's the last inning, and I'mma stop you dead in your tracks
Don't over react, prepare yourself for the impact
Late night, roof top, see in the infrared lights
Hollow tips rip through ya, like a parasite

Still going through the struggle, but Venom is tight
Keepin' our hype, feel the heat at the end of the night
When I write, I be, high as a kite
Do what I like, I'm ill with the deadliest bite

Aight, I done told y'all what N-Tyce about
Ya'll already know that I'm the nicest out (nicest out)
But still some Clueless, like Stacey Dash
Bettin' money up against me, a waste of cash

Aiyo, you trash, how you gonna stand the hit
When we come, you know we roll, thick out the pit
Cuz we the shit, and I'm here to let y'all know
So you better move, cuz we bumrushing the show

[Chorus x3]

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