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What's The Deal?
Deadly Venoms


What's The Deal? Lyrics

Yo let me holla at your for a minute
Nice cutie in the Benz with the windows tinted
Might look a little better with me in it
As long as it ain't rented, got money, baby, spend it
I hate to be so blunt, don't be offended
Looking good fella, I can be your Cinderella
I ain't hella fake, so when the first date, can't wait
We can do a little this, do a little that
Late night rubbing on my back, don't know how to act
I be that chick with the mic in a hand, but right now
I'm bout to tell you what I like in a man
Peanut butter color, I can be your undercover lover
But mess up one time, I'm with another brother
Pretty voice, boy arouse my wind
Got me losing my train of thought, count to ten
I got clout when it comes to men, the only ones I ain't touch
Be my next to kin, til then
[Champ Diva]
Yeah, for my style rah-rah, bring it up
Heat to the street, heating up pasta
Another gun drama, come on, to mama
And on your way here pick up some marijuana
Mucha gracias, cuz some fools can act like cucaracha
Yeah I'ma harder, mi amor, ey tu, tu madre, like all day
Make you feel good like foreplay
Do my nigga, the world ain't ready to get to near off
You my hair bowl, for real though, you either
Ride or die, the rain or the sea
I want a piece of pie, and that's, no lie
Breaking up the hugs, cuz I'm longa, longa
Don't ever try to play me like I taught cha
Deadly, Deadly...

[Chorus 2X: J-Boo]
What's the deal papa, let me holla at you for a minute
Oh papi chulo, dame beso
What's the deal papa, let me holla at you for a minute
Shit's heavy when I'm it

Saw him at the corner store, shorty shot game
Thugged out, so I shot it back and asked him his name
So your the type of nigga that I hang with my knot
What the deal, rolling single or your holding a wife
It don't matter though, hold it down on your end
If she find my number, you better tell her I'm a friend
Deja vu, rendesvous, me and you
Hit me on my cell phone, about a quarter to two
Slide through, you can sex me right, all night
Throw my legs up, do it to the candlelight
Keep it tight, round two on the way
We can thug each other out, yeah, every other day
I had my sisters on the catching some time, call a killa
Crip nigga, made my brown eyes blue, he was so fine
Enchanted, romantic, like Titanic
Gigantic, put the coochie in a panic
Granted, that a chameleon will please you
Je ve donevous, tu rendesvous
French kisses for the millennium, boo
Vu sete vamom, you too live, mom
Waiting for you to get that ass home
Ooh, vule vu coche avera, sesaw
Sucking my neck, ripping off my Vicky Secret bra
Ahh, cheri, I wanna do this in a hurry
It's funny how time fly, but I ain't even worry
Just wanna make sure you know I'm representing
Forget them other women, you only need to rock with Venom
Jeh tem, from the beginning to the end
Avetue moqua, forever friends, yes sir, that's right

[Chorus 2X]

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Record Label(s): 1999 Echo International Rocks The World
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