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Sekkle Down


Sekkle Down Lyrics

Monolith niggaz keep the party live
Prepare to get wet if you coming inside
But don't bother reach with no negative vibes
Alright y'all? Well, alright then!
Hey yo, my crew's in the place to have a real good time
Scoping out the gyals with the big behinds
You better just step if your mind's on crime
Alright y'all? Well alright then!

Hey yo, Monolith's rockin' it, ain't no stoppin' it
Underground, mainstream we got what you wanna get
Dan-e-o is on the set, how much you wanna bet
This punk bouncer's gonna tell me "stand up on the wall" again?
How many times I gotta tell ya that I am performing here?
Screamin' I can't roam in there unless I'm wearing formal gear
What is this, a wedding? Why you act like it's a closed affair?
And I don't suppose you care that girl ain't wearing no brassiere
Oh, no runners, no khakis, no jeans
No wonder this club is the wackest I've seen
I mean, I was here for sound check, no one around yet
Remember? You were boppin' your head chillin' on the lounge set
Now get the promoter and we'll find out if we play
Oh I can walk through, but he stay? That's my D.J.!
You the reason niggaz walk up in here with a switchblade
And cut you up like first lines of songs on a mixtape

We came here to party, rock your body (oh yeah!)
If you came here to brawl, just sekkle down!
Lame kids trying to fight, same shit every night
We came here to party, rock your body (oh yeah!)
If you came here to brawl, just sekkle down!
Sekkle down bwoy, yo sekkle down!

What gyals wear, always hot in it, batti fully cockin' it
I know "junk in the trunk" but how much luggage is you walkin' with?
Man dem steady clockin' it, thinking "that I got to get"
Crazy winin' until she see the man she talking with
Yelling "what the hell you doing lettin' this guy rub on you?
That's something only lovers do, now get ready to rumble dude"
I'm like "me never trouble you, to her me nah care wah you do
Cuz now I'm checking for her friend, it seems she wanna bubble too"
Yo, dark honies, Indians, lightskins
Philipinos, latinos, even some white tings
How ya expect fi man ah come dance and not jam?
If that's your girl, then why'd she say she didn't have a man?
Now you wan raise ya hand with whatever weapon's in it
You knew she'd punk you off, that's probably why you kept it hidden
Now ya dome is set for splittin', cuz if you didn't notice
My click's the Monolith, the crew that's deeper than her throat is!


My bredrens don't care, we'll squash your tribe
Keeping distance is what you best decide
We never start beef, but don't let shit slide
Alright y'all? Well alright then!

Mad niggaz screwfacing it, steady perpetrating kid
See me get in free and now they're carrying a crate 'n' shit
Looking at me, hating that ladies are debating if
They should come and say "hi" or straight up start fellating him
Yo, it ain't my fault that all the sweet joobies, dem wan see me
Recently pump my CD, cuz frequently I'm on TV
Ask all kind of question like dem wan go write biography
Now you haffi target me as if involved in archery
Eh, some advice, y'all tykes, less fights
My knights' not Christ, but forever bless mics
Y'all niggaz need to check your egos with your jacket
You the one who brushed me, what's the reason for the racket?
Acting like getting your shoes stepped on's the world's end
Why you vex? Cuz your flex don't impress your girlfriend?
Underneath the dress code, they should write "no immaturity"
The only girl feeling you's the one working security!


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Record Label(s): 2004 Independent
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