358 Lyrics

When I left, the girl gave me a warnin'
She said "don't come in here like four in the mornin'"
So, now she trippin' but how can I be late?
I got in at 358

Hey yo yo, I rock the sickest flows, I rep the illest crew
Sometimes I get vex about the shit that we didn't do
So my mission's to kill the view that we be miniscule
"Monolith's the shit! ", I say it in every interview
So baby, our relationship is so strong
Even though you're somebody I haven't really known long
Support my musical dreams, weatherin' this cold storm
Niggaz who think that they kings, just keepin' my throne warm
Uh-huh, with you I'd love to spend the night and day
But please don't get mad if I ain't callin' you back right away
Stop talkin' 'bout all the repercussions that I'mma pay
Your birthday not being important's not what I was tryin' to say
Hey, that girl yellin' in the back
Uh... she's the female singin' the hook, fillin' the track
Her batty's mad round and her hips hella phat
But shit nigga, I'd be stupid if I would tell her that
And that's why...


I love sexy bitties with pretty eyes
I love 'em big tittied and thickly thighed
Why can't I help it when ladies give me vibe?
Like a club without a bouncer, knowin' I'mma get inside
Try for me baby, to simply overstand
Cause she a beautiful lady don't mean she controllin' Dan
I ain't tryin' to hit it, I ain't even wanna hold her hand
But I'm a man, look at her, a nigga gotta notice, damn!
I'm in the parties, in the clubs just to work
Come on, I could hardly be a stud, I'm a jerk
Okay, that hottie that I hugged, she's a flirt
And the last time she spotted me, she sucked me like a Cert
Wait, I'm jokin', why when I come home, it's like I need atonement?
You think that every digit I dial is some chick I'm phonin'?
With her I wasn't tryin' to hook up like wrestling opponents
Gave her a CD, it just so happens my number was on it


Hey yo yo, I'm goin' out baby, don't make it a policy
To call me every single hour questioning my honesty
We'll probably break up because of you whining so constantly
And no, there's no monotony to our state of monogamy
(Huh, yeah right) The way you think the story goes' twisted
It ain't she prettier than you, it's just the hoe's different
She really knows how to blow yo, for instance
The bitch need a bow around her lips, she's so gifted
Shit! I ain't mean to have this crooked manner
But when I see her, somethin' makes me wanna jook her bladder
You know the type where you could bust just lookin' at her
Feelin' like you starvin', with no fuss, she can cook a platter
She in the industry, helpin' me make ends
Stop askin' "Why you always out? Are you f**kin' your friends? "
No, I'm in the studio, they say the session extends
So I just might be late comin' home again
Hey yo...


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