Chocolate Love Lyrics

If you want me baby, if you need me lady
I'mma be there for ya, I'mma give me to ya

Chocolate love: the type of feeling that make you get
Shocked and buzzed like you got some drugs
In your system, different like swastikas:
Indian symbols of peace that now cause a fuss
Hear me sistren, I recall seeing you in class
The last thing on my mind was whether I'd pass
Crackin' jokes with no hesitation to laugh
At last, the right blend of sophistication and sass
Baby listen, with chicks, no one's had a sadder story
But I ain't put you in that category, I had a chat with Korry
And he told me that to be hella certain
You got the right girl, she must make you a better person
Huh, I cuss less, much less have much stress
Over skeefs stoppin' my success
Plus tests provin' your trust blessed us, yes
Must 'fess, you may soon walk in your plush dress!


Baby, I've been feelin' as an adult, I've re-Christened
Got a new meaning to my ultimate mission:
A revelation I could cultivate your assistance
Like those who say they've 'found God' as if He was missing
Huh, I wanna tell you for starters, honest
Although there's no guarantee we can be flawless
All this I'm doin' is to fulfill my promise
To the hottest: chocolate in the form of a goddess
Regardless of what, I'mma remain relentless
In my pursuit to be worthy of your effervescence
Love your intelligence and independence
Only girl I know who can use "diaspora" in a sentence
Intentions from the start, was not to give my heart
But it's odd what happens when you work just as hard
As I do to make my dreams come true
Now I wanna do the same for you


Girl, you deservin' of an award for your tolerance
My schedule's like I'm on constant reconnaisscance
If there's anything I could serve you as solace it's
I don't want you always getting hurt like Vince Carter is
So I'll arrange what it takes to desist doubt
I know your cravin' to write the guest list down
Though I ain't ready to exchange vows just now
I love how you got our kids' names picked out
Sweetie, just hold tight, keep a close sight
On the fact things happen when the clock toll's right
No matter what, just know
It's me and you against the world baby, let's go!


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