True Flue Killer Lyrics

* Mafia Denver True Flue Killer...
(Gonna be a murder)

You Crab niggas step in tha hood and get burned
Punk motherf**kers is the lesson to be learn (fool)
It's the land of fire flame, West Side Bottoms Gangs
Bitches on my ??? damn it's a shame
How they swing, how can I explain why the f**k they keep swingin'
Every time they bee them brazy gangstas from the C-M-G
B-L-O-O-D/C-K/R-I-D/A apostrophie S on the West Side
Niggas know where the hood for life f**k who's wonder why
Slippin' and slime where my homies high is a kite
Rhyme to you set late night smokin' endo
Lay back in a C Honda Accord lookin' real low
Tint on the window but a body on your block
So I got to shake the spot real quick chop-chop
Hotdamn I couldn't give 'em two blast
So I'm all in traffic off to kill another Crab

Mafia Denver True Flue Killer...
(Gonna be a murder)

I hit you up with two L's no cut
If you bangin' give it up
Because these ?? Bloods are so f**kin' nuts
True Flue Killer nigga
Peanut the Deuce (And I see Kay-Pee)
Why you busta niggas through
K-P but I ain't smelly just call me Capone
It's on I'm on the microphone to the breakadawn
Ho's are swingin' off me but I'm a gangsta to the heart though
We don't love them hoes and I'm puffin' on endo
Drinkin' drank so don't fake, you can't f**k with me (WOOP WOOP)
I'm a gangsta with ??? so just back up me
I'm K-P the Y-G
A Young Gangsta biiiyatch
From Figueroa street
Where my khakis straight creased
Wearing bright bright red
A few homies dead
So I see 1-8-7 to my muthaf**kin' end (WOOP WOOP)
With my nigga 8-Ball
Breakin' Crabs' jaws, red shoes, red bhakis, red muthaf**kin' drawers

Mafia Denver True Flue Killer...
(Gonna be a murder)

Hooked up with S-P about 4 o'clock
Grab tha Glock and say nigga, let's shake the spot
We rollin' 4 deep in the Coupe leanin' to the side
It's the West Side Y-G right (right)
Y-G Pimp D never givin' a mad-ass f**k
About no Crab nigga you know what's up
It's the West Side, the best side, punk b-i-tch
Now since I'm a down motherf**ker sent down to stack chips
Now back your ass on up and take four f**kin' paces
Before I let you have it and you feel the penetration
As this heat that I bring to you so damn smooth
It's like ooh!
You don't know what I'm gonna do?
I'm takin' him, I'm takin' him, flip flop, flip back
It's the B-funk nigga, f**k the hoodrat
Or you didn't know?
Hoe... I'll be the one
To see 1-8-7 make sure the job is done

Mafia Denver True Flue Killer...
(Gonna be a murder...)

Now as I B-Dog walk fool this is Figueroa street
9 dookies, 1-0 killas, R-A-fleas get beat
Got beef with the world so is anybody K
But I'm quoted on, so it's on got to bust a C-K
Rollin' with them killas on the solo bolo
New recruits on the stripe rollin' with this psyco
Brazy niggas from the wild wicked West Side
Everytime I drink wine, a Crab nigga's dyin'
On the streets of L.A. the only Bloods on Figueroa
And Crabs still dyin' so f**k Crabs hoe
Denver Lanes how we do it
I know I've been ???
Man I smoke so many Crabs I gotta go to care unit
Beamed up like a bright red 1-0-9 watt bulb
Denver Lane Bloods or the Figueroa thug
C-K allday
Even on the birthday
Bickin' bool even if I'ma have to get the K

Mafia Denver True Flue Killer...
(Gonna be a murder...)

It's the True Flue Killa!!
Back up, hits the door
And I'm about to let you know about the 1 the 0 to the 4
C-M muthaf**kin' G
Who the f**k is else nigga?
Name Lil' Hawk Y-G the Crab killa
But now peep game
Fool I bang for a fact
How the f**k you gon' say bustas on wax?
You bitch ass niggas, it was all to the good
But then I heard your ass dis the motherf**kin' 'hood
And that's where
You niggas f**ked up
Oh... you didn't know C-M-G don't give a f**k?!
Y-G's nigga
We love to get active
Bitches on my nuts because this red so attractive
But I don't trust no hoe cause Kiki Loco was a bitch
And you know like I know all Crabs ain't shit
So niggas
Next time I hope you remember
Never fix your mouth to dis the Mafia Denvers, b-i-tch

Mafia Denver True Flue Killer...
(Gonna be a murder...)
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