C-K Free Style Lyrics

Aaawww shit!
Free Style
West Side
Free Style
Hawk in the mothef**ker, WOOP WOOP
M and the L
f**k your gang
Free Style nigga in this motherf**ker, you don't hear me dough, know I'm sayin'
You know I'm sayin'
And she bangin' though nigga, that's what I wanna know
Y'all niggas talkin' that shit Blood
But nigga she bangin' though

C muthaf**kin' K, about to take you once again
Kickin' down the door with Big Ben and Lil' Joe
You didn't know it's still flow
It's the same f**kin' thang fool
Bangin' with the Lanes...
Aw...Aw... it's the Y-G Braze
Bitch, here I come
Being off Bacardi and the Hennessy Rhum
And bitches be swingin' on this 1-0-9 thang
I'm C-K ridin' like it ain't no f**kin' thang
Over the wall, over the fence, comin' outta the cut
It's the Y-G about to light your ass up
Now how many niggas wanna take a trip with me?
Through the capital I to the N-G
Can I get a WOOP WOOP for the homies, I thought you knew
I hit you up with this L, it's from the West Side Denver Avenue
Khakis straight creased, red Chuck on my feet, long hair
And hit you up with the motherf**kin' B
Aaawww shit, the Y-G, the Hawkster
Where the f**k I'm from nigga?
What street? Shit!
Nigga beginnin' to f**k with
The nigga that be
f**kin' it up and nigga it just don't quit
But like damn, oooohh-weeee
Guess ?? the mic
?Tear? it to the rhythm gotta put it on the mic (right!)
Where the M and the L crew, the L and the M crew
West Side muthaf**kin' Gangstas do this shit
And we do this shit like it ain't no motherf**kin' thang
This is Y-G gangsta Braze from the Denver Lane gang (gang!)
Doin' this shit cause I'm a Boover/Crispy killa
A hun' and 9th street West Side motherf**ker...
Well, it don't stop and your ass in the cut
I'm 'bout to light your ass up, you know what's up, nigga
Up and up in the way it's Lil' Y-G Hawkster
Breakin' their ass some' proper you know what's the flow I'm outta door
... Figueroa it's me K.P. (bitch)
A down Y.G. hittin' you up with this West Side B's
I got the Y-G's on the side
They do an homicide, f**k Cheese Toast and Boover
I'm down to C-K (Boover you all die!) WOOP WOOP!
Now - nigga
What the f**k is up (oooh!)
It's me Little Hawk and my fast cherry Chucks
Like - dumped out the Crab my
Shoes is kinda bloody (damn!!!)
But that's what the f**k you get
Swingin' on my woody, aw... bee-yaatch
You niggas f**ked up going around in the circle
Cause I'ma flow sucker Crab in the eye and it turn ??
I don't give a f**k, yeah, I'm puttin' in work
With the big flamin red, C-K on my shirt
?? 'cause I'm Fig' f**kin' flowin'
I don't be know one while these hoes be swingin'
Is it cause I'm flowin' got this bumpties everyday
I bust a C-K
With my nigga K-P or my nigga Eighty-Eight
1-0 the 4 street, West Side M and the L
Jammin' to the shit got it keep it with the B (bitch)
Awwww yeah... West Side C-K Ridin'... we don't give a...
Figueroa Street behind us D-L-Y-G's
K-P, B-Brazy, Hawk, young Y-G
S-P, we from Fig' and Century hittin' you up
f**k Hard Time Bustas this is Denver Lane Blood
And I'm down 1-0-4 and Crenshaw lay back in the cut
If your ass came Crab in nigga you gettin' f**ked up (oh!)
It's the - freestyle flow that I puts it in the mix with it
One two three four five and - f**k, killin' a motherf**ker...
It's me B-Brazy blood, your big f**kin' brother
Got beef ?? a nigga like me, a YG
Ten and five with three, f**k Rice Crispies
It's the nigga (brrrr... nigga) Hundred and Ninth street
You don't wanna get stupid
What's up breakin' niggas like ??
Ahahaha, damn I ?? in the cut
I pulled out the 90 leathers ?? shot
Gangsta Dee roll with meeee up to the cut
Grab your shit and let's f**k these niggas up (beeyaatch!)
Jump out the ride, dump these niggas
We don't give a f**k because WE ALL CRAB KILLAS!
... a f**kin' psyco with this freestyle flow
Aw you didn't know it's the 1-0-4
Aw... f**k Dogg Pound nigga, f**k y'all
C-K, aw shit, 1-0-9, aw shit
Nigga from Figueroa, it-it-it's K-P
Century, my homies from C.M.Y.G.
C-K nuggets with the P
I thought you understood
It's all to the good down West Side Inglewood
Nasty hoes if you're ?? offend the flow
I got deep for dayz, yeah me Braze Daze
So as I hit the f**kin' stages it's like
??? glazed
I got you fiendin' by the way I'm this Cadillac leanin'
I'm on 1-0-9 I'm outta space for my platinum Mac
But hold - f**k up and let me take a
Motherf**kin' flow, niggas don't know it's 1-0-4
But never ??? the f**kin' up ?? more
Time my rhyme, committs the f**ker, ?? bust but (bitch)
Nigga be talkin' that shit but gets up my nuts in your - mouth
Hey yo watch out for Fig, we be down YG's
Ah yeah nigga
We hittin' niggas...
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