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This shit crazy


[Verse 1]

Bean bag full of shots different from a bag of Skittles

If shit get bumpy bust it in your face like a f*cking pimple

I need God to answer more prayers so I'm headed to the temple

Bitches sit around on they ass like they done failed cripple

Every convo got a time limit

Cause I don't like to put my mind in it

I don't sympathize with nobody guys

Look me in my eyes and they traumatized

A nigga can't even make me blush

Cause I get more play than Toys are Us

Lay her body out like thin crust so we can chop it up with no Pizza Hut

Waste time on a amateur, give her 31 shots no calendar

I bet he kick back when he heat it make a nigga jump like a cheerleader

Feel it like Peter pushing bitches to the side like Amina

Since I'm the color of a pork and bean

I don't wanna see no cops on the scene

Cause shit could get terrible

So when I move a body or I do a robbery I'm careful

Stained quick you ain't getting shit, money ain't shareable

So don't try to walk a day in my shoes, he-hell naw they ain't wearable

[Hook] [2x]

Might need me a church niggas finna get hurt

Dig deep in that dirt for that body you search

For that money I search for that body they search
For that money I search for that body they search

I'm a search search search search

I'm a search search search search

I'm a search search search search

For that money I search for that body they search

[Verse 2]

Shorty I can't even save ya, like I ran out of data

Bitch I'm typing up yo will, gone say bye to Jada

Got guns in the backseat bigger than an alligator

If I draw the chopper on you it's only out to erase you

Let me show you a sample, aim at yo head make it bubble like


Money ain't coming slowmo, if it cost to be the boss then nigga what's the total?

Niggas say they global they not even mobile

We can't even social got him getting vocal

I'm just on a move half the ones who ain't got shit got hell of shit to prove

Bitches still broke if you getting money and them bills due

Holla at my mans for he talk them bands cause I'm not a fool

Big family I got to feed more than the Huxtables

So when you see me in yo sight bets believe I'm finna hustle you

Motherf*ckers out here owe me money thinking they untouchable

If she don't meet me with my cheese

I'm a crack her that's a Lunchable

[Hook] [x2]

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