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Don't look at me like that

Have you ever seen a pretty face before?

Well you won't

You know why? Because I wear all black everything

All black gloves, oh lemme see what else

Oh, all black mask (mmmmm)

Well lemme tell you what I want you to do

I want you to go get every f*cking bullet you ever had mate

Go get it! Hurry up and go get it!

Because by the time I'm done with you

Your gonna need a motherf*cking halo mate!

[Verse 1]

Yo, You gone end up in a cemetery

I'm a shoot the scene like I'm Tyler Perry

Got Mariah with me with a duffle bag so you never know what we f*cking carry

I'm a come through with my homies yo whole hood finna know me

They wanna f*ck me up I start squaring up I said "come on nigga just show me"

Them bullets flying like eagles I'm a shoot a nigga no free throw

I stay thirsty to catch bodies so you know I gotta f*cking P bro

Pop a nigga in the mouth like D-low

What you say? You can't breathe joe

Mollywhopped again took yo oxygen

Them 40's still wet it like J-Lo

You better come correct when you see me

Cause I'll take ya shit like I'm Stevie

See I'm Stevie J with them bullet trays like Joseline you gone need me

Got cold blood of killers not Speedy Gonzales

I hang with them dealers but I'm the top driller I am a go getter be going Godzilla

Moonwalk on your grave I'm a call that shit Thriller


This not no gimmick, Bitch this is my image

You f*ck with me like Rosemary's baby I'll leave you timid
This not no gimmick, Bitch this is my image

You f*ck with me like Rosemary's baby I'll leave you timid


Got you wet, got you timid boy

I got you timid boy

Ski mask, black gloves, my image boy

I got you timid boy, timid boy

Ski mask, black gloves, my image boy

[Verse 2]

Man down why you on the block selling dope

You see me coming like Ray Charles with a telescope

You kill two of my niggas I'm killing four

When I wipe that back just duck low

I really don't f*ck with you f*ckers

Sleeping on me you'll get smothered

f*ck around call up yo mother

Like I put your son face on a plugger

I need a couple entrees, pair of Lebron J's

Duck tape and rope and let it be broad day

All black room I can show you the shuffle

Leave the room by myself, he'll be in my duffle

Hit the corner store grab a bag of Ruffles

Eat the chips, grab the clip then I'm back to trouble

Chitown it's a motherf*ckin' jungle

Tell you like it is we ain't even gotta mumble like

Take you out the picture with one shot you getting cropped

Pull a trigger play with your body like Photoshop

With no doubt, the block cleared out when I pulled out the motherf*cking Glock

(Uh) Niggas gotta learn at some point

I'll make a nigga learn at gunpoint

Spray niggas and I ain't talkin no mase

Put a couple holes in yo head like a crate

[Hook + Post Hook]

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