Kash Doll Diss


Kash Doll Diss Lyrics


Somebody gave me a f*ckin' doll for Christmas G

And they named this shit Kash Doll

I don't play with dolls, I wanna rip this bitch head off right now lets go

[Verse 1]

Ayo Big Bird how you feeling?

What happen to the climbing poles to the ceiling?

Now you wanna sneak diss while admiring?

You should take a look at yo environment

Cause all my niggas convicts, wake up wanting conflict

So you know they clappin' any f*cking ratchet that I tell em

Bitch this a bomb flick

Looking at that lipo I think something need to be fixed

And you can mention me one more time

When you made more than one hit

Cause this the Windy City ain't shit pretty, you gone have to toughen up

Drop a line of hoes going straight down yo chest like a buttonup

Chiraq my city you cannot handle bro

Jump out on business like I'm a manual

Walk through any block I'm a lost animal

Split her down the middle like a camel toe

After I pull up she gone need a doctor

I'm at her door like go home Roger

Just to show out like niggas in new J's

Trick girl and scout I'm tighter than new braids

See Kash Doll, I mean Trash Doll

Bitch you don't even know me

No face, no case, so I can't even use emoji's

(Its too late f*ck a debate)

Crack her head with her own mixtape

Dare you to get out of pocket, bitch eyes a be out of socket How the f*ck do you got options? When you be on the pole for the profit?

Reminding, I'm glad yo outfits be shiny

Bitch I got that poison Ivy

If Trash Doll on the mic I'll take her light like Steph with Riley

(She prolly ain't even catch that, you know bitches don't use they brain no more, they give it though)

Do a 360, with a clean hit, let a bullet hit her and sting shit

Warm up yo ass on some Spring shit

When the law come I do not speak English

You don't know what you started, but ch-ch you a target

I'll pledge allegiance but I'm heartless

Plant another body in my garden

Miss slurp that dick till it cum will make yo name smaller than a crumb

I'll chew you up and then spit you out

Like you shit but a piece of gum

Started from the bottom stripping yo way up

Thought she was Ronald Mcdonald with all of that makeup

Got to come deeper, bye Felicia, I mean Keisha

You a stripper hoe get it on the floor

Probably never owned a f*cking Visa



You fake booty bitch, fake titty bitch

Who can't f*cking rap, I could teach you some shit

All you had to do was ask bruh, all you had to do was ask

I got the answers bitch!

C'mon man looking like Dave Chapelle

C'mon man

C'mon man

Get the f*ck outta here man

I'm done with this bitch!

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