Take The Bait Lyrics

(Step aside)
(Step aside
And take the bait)

MC's - get a grip, relax your lip
Here comes a rapper that flows and never quits
Craig G on call with a composition
That's a proposition to my opposition
You wanna step? Well yo, wear your track shoes
Or take your royalty check and buy a crack fuse
Rappers, I taunt them to make no one want them
And if died down, my raps will come back and haunt them
Highly explosive like nitroglycerine
Don't sleep on the skills, keep listenin
Cause I smooth rough beats just like a nailfile
Compared to other MC's with the stale style
Been in this for five years to only hear live cheers
And I'm one that will continue to strive where
Others are failing I blow like a jet stream
And if my records don't sell, I won't get beamed
I'll come back and prove that I'm great
To hook em and reel em in, so take the bait

(Step aside)

Yeah, take the bait

(Step aside)

Check it out

MC's are a lake that my raps go fishin in
Approach me wrong, and I'll start cripplin
Cause there's few alive that can really get with it
The rest of em died with the bravery certificate
Cause I'm deadly, like the tail of a scorpion
And Marley's my man, cause he's the one that brought me in
I'm not a sucker, I could never abandon
Someone that got me on my feet, so I'm standin
I'm not like that, I kick a delight rap
Marley's got my back, so we'll always have a tight track
And as far as the negative MC's that are fake
I will reel em in, so take the bait

(Step aside)

Take the bait

(Step aside)

Weak MC's take the bait


Let the horns blow

Take the beat

And I'ma flow it like this

Sometimes I rhyme fast to make MC's: "Wait, Craig!"
And I wrap around MC's like a strait leg
I'm doper than dope, like a billion in Columbian
That's why weak MC's wanna run me in
Let me tell you all you rappers full of steam of weed
I'ma mix you in a bowl like cream of wheat
They can't beat me, straight up and that's that
So bring along tape, rap books, and a knapsack
And if you got a crew, bring all them
Cause you'll get stripped like a Jag in Spanish Harlem
And to go against a pro, that's costin
My mic will turn bionic like Steve Austin
So yo, you wanna flow and break?
Step aside and take the bait

(Step aside)
Take the bait

(Craig G)

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