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Limelight Lyrics

Yeah, let's bring it to fruition then
They're like:
"Yo Graig, don't make them point their finger at theyselves, man that's too much."
Nah, nah, nah, I'm not chilling
The fragile ego, yeah!
Word, yeah!

[Verse 1]
Limelight chasers do anything to be recognized
I can see through the facade and connect the lies
Some egos are starving, gotta constantly feed em
And the person serving the plate slowly loses their freedom
No, not looking to be rewarded
Unless it's a few plaques for these songs that get recorded
My self-confidence is for me and mine only
You relate? Then it's great
No, thanks for the time hommie
I keep pushing 'cause time never slows down
Only moves forward so be equipped with the know-how
To read people deep under their layers
Or be a human stepping stone, the answer to their prayers
Some work on a life that people see in the public
But never on their personal demons, they skip the subject
So they feel like the toast of the town
Smiling for the cameras at home, they feeling down
Their whole life is cosmetic, pathetic
Plastic like arms and legs that are prosthetic
Images are temporary, structures only make shift
Do yourself a favour and stay away from the fake shit
[Verse 2]
Welcome to the game where people try to shame your life
If you're not living like them it's not right
I rock to the beat of my own drum
If you don't wanna grab an instrument
Then I'll play by my lonesome
Me, I never try to be part of the crowd
I'm a loner, stay in places where my art is allowed
To flourish, not try to calm a person's insecurities
You ain't sure of yourself, your life is full of insecurities
I look in the mirror, tell myself that I'm a king
Watch me hit the wind in shot, all net, three from the wing
Switch! Never chasing a bitch, it's a destruction
They say the right words then they switch
My focus is about being there for my fam
If you don't like, you'll be easily removed from the plan
Selfish people make my skin crawl, the feeling's inescapable
They're anxious, if you're stuck in the mud, they won't wait for you
You're the only one that truly has your back
Tell a person no, watch how they react
Spoiled brats get mad, quickly throw a tantrum
Never let them in, they hold emotions for ransom

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Record Label(s): 2020 Soulspazm, Inc
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