Baby Are You Still Down Lyrics

This right here, is for the next love of my life
Even though I don't know you like that
I got you all in my mind
What, you think I'm crazy
Well you probably right, ah little crazy
Hahaha, I'm just looking for the one
And I chose you
So don't worry about nothing
I got it all covered from all angles
So just give me some time
Yeah just give me some time
And I'm sure we could make it work

Let me get you coat, you rocking Lewy Baton
And every time I could, I wrote you ah song
We met ah while back haven't seen you in months
I'm on some Marlabo, rocking twist and ah blunt
It's just me, this is what you get
Ah young OG, with game like ah fed
No sweat, I know you liking my style
If you hang for the trial I'll make it worth your
It's ah natural high, being by your side
In your Gucci hand bag you can hold my nine
No lie, be my partner in crime
And I ain't even tripping it could be part time
If my heart could speak, it would say this words
Baby you equal to ah hundred birds
Word, I'm thinking what I should say
To get you in the mood, and make you stay
It is what it is I like your cristina alls
Spending time with you is like never before
Cus we explore, how we feeling and shit
It ain't that counterfeit, it's the real and legit
Why stop, I know they gossip a lot
But it don't really matter people always gon' talk
Had ah spot, watching the rain
We sitting in my car up under the shade
Baby you got it, como Brenton Wood
I like them oldies cus they make you hold me
Now you know me, and what I'm all about
It's with you to the fullest, without ah doubt
So don't you break ah promise, that you made
Forget about my case, and the raids
I'm here to stay, that your part of my plans
So if everything go right then this thing gon' last
Stay in my corner, and show my how
Exactly how you do it right here and now
The fendi boots look sexy on you
I went out of town and I flew you too
Let's stay together like Alcone say
I got you hypnotized ah mysterious way
No delays, you know I took her away
And she said she alright with my gangster ways
So tell me, this ah dream somebody
I got her in my crib laying next to the shotty
She acting naughty, but that's ok
You wanna take your ropa off, like Bugzy say
We got back, to where it all began
I could see it in her eyes that she understand
No more classes, and school out of session
And going after you, became an obsession

Now you see what I'm talking about
Actually it's kind of simple
It's me, you, and we don't need nobody else
You feel me, hahaha
So everything I've said
I just wanna know, are you still down?
I thought so, let's go
We got ah plane to catch
Sayonara, asta nunca
CON The Mixtape Classic
That's all

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