Tell It Like It Is Lyrics

That's the way I see it, but you ain't gotta believe

I tell it like it is, by setting examples
Like dicking down ah bitch I got her grabbing her
Damn holme, that pussy deep
So juicy that it drip right down to your feet
Back to the subject, of this rhyme
How muthuf**kas in the game straight wasting time
By the time, the f**king album release
Ain't nobody trying'a hear it ese up in this streets
Get some beats, and flood the market
With this digital shit, the whole world the target
f**k ah bargain, you gotta pay what it cost
Or depart with no product from C Loco the boss
Connect the dots, and go from vendor to vendor
Smoke a lot of weed while you want is invention
Just remember, it's for ah bigger cause
Count all your money, then it's back in the cars
So if you ain't got no faith why you standing around
Ese waiting for ah feature get the f**k out of town
Cus if you ain't got no feria, to pay for my verse
I'ma diss you to your face with ah venomous curse
I would do it on ah spank, but your far from dope
Twenty years in the game I've been f**king with dope
So don't try, to f**ken explain
Cus I already know what you gonna say
Don't play, you better bring it raw
Cus with your Mickey Mouse raps you get shot in the
I'm Jaws, ah great white shark
That'll eat your ass alive spit you out of the park
That's what he get, kinda intricate
To get into your mind I'm ah implement
Was equivalent, to ah regulation
Pay attention muthuf**ker as I paint thee equation
Ese everything I do is like I'm selling my soul
But if I don't f**king do it we as good as gone
I'm wrong, for not letting you breath
But ain't no other way to let you know what I mean
If you could spit, then handle your biz
Homie step it up ah notch get ah fall in the mix
I've predicted, that we'll get there attention
If not they gonna feel, some racial tension
You with me, man I hope you are
I take your ass to store and bring me ah cigar
Cus I'm about to start, ah ritual
So we could get our issue some residuals
I put ah sijo on the floor, highly visual
I'm in another realm highly spiritual
I'm ah criminal, that'll never change
Right now it's ah negocio LA stock exchange

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Record Label(s): 2013 Felony Case

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