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Clairmont The Second


Accident Lyrics


Clairmont The Second
Yeah, yawh, yawh, yawh

[Verse 1]

I'm an idiot for not going to sleep
Then complaining about being tired the next day
Got co-op on the regs and band and the ball team
Yo can I borrow a dollar I ain't eat all day
Sometimes my boys got me but I always pay them back
Barely roll with bills here take a quarter stack
Got some nickels and dimes too, my girl she a dime too
Well, she's not mine yet, but she will be mine soon
And yup she like all my music, to me that making no sense
I'm here thinking it wack, because my new stuff ain't drop yet
It kinda sucks I think I'm not her type man, she sleeping on me knowing I'm the right man
It may suck but it's alright man, Clairmont The Second is the best hype man
I'm my own hype man I get my own crowd amped, I go so hard on stage I give myself cramps
Styles been cramped but I take it as they can't be me but dudes try to get as close as they can
Guys ain't as fresh as me, their style so canned
How much money I will get from Socan
Forget rap tunes I bump SOS Band
You know that when I'm rapping you ll need an SOS banner
I got a couple fans, I got a couple fans
I'm in a wheelchair around tricks, them I can't stand
I don't need the groupies to tell me that I'm the man
Girls be thinking that they bad, oh my goodness don't do that
All them dudes that try to judge don't do music don't do rap
Laugh at that, counteract, put my soul on a track
Rap and track the skills I lacked, now I'm worried bout my stacks
Uh huh


Looking expensive by accident
If your girl feeling me that's an accident
Pardon my steez I can't help it
With all of the groupies around, and lames all around, I'm feeling so selfish

Looking expensive by accident
If your girl feeling me that's an accident (x2)

[Verse 2]

They tryna get me to dance or rap for black history month
But they never really heard me, are they tryna make fun?
Or they got faith in me that I'm that one
Must be ill with the spit, 'cause he's ill at the drums
My girl gotta be as bad as Olivia Munn
Hungry like back to back days with no lunch
Gimme that grape soda, I don't mess with fruit punch
My wallet crunched and I'm mad 'cause I'm made to stunt
These dudes my age just put on a front
Please homie stay in the back, you don't belong in the front
I'm Mr. make your girl like me better than she like you
I don't do it purpose it happens when I walk through
Cocky much, confident, yet humble is, how I live
Ultra magnificent fly young gentleman
Everybody's who I'm better than my elegance is quite a testament on a Sunday morning tell em again



Oh My Goodness (x3)

Uh huh

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