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We got a rough patch baby, it's a hell of a ride
And truthfully you know I'm missing when you'd look in my eyes
'Cuz since we separated, I ain't been the funniest guy
But you're the happiest I seen you and it f*cks with my mind
We stayed friends, had motives that we'd blow this shit up
And show our fans that we ain't 'bout all of that negative stuff
But then you turned around and stabbed me in the back in a rush
We had it working but you had to go and smash it all up
And now I'm stuck with all these issues, stuck with all this pain
You knew my past relationships but did this shit again
Now I gotta fight the fire by adding a little flame
'Cuz you took my heart for granted and played me like I'm a game
So I don't wanna hear no sorry's, I don't wanna hear you speak
I don't wanna hear you singing, hear you drop another beat
I don't want you to apologize or tell me that you love me
I don't ever want you back 'cause the issues now above me
You just f*cked me without realizing what I could do
'Cuz I could bring your f*cking life into the light until you
Would realize it's too late to peddle back for the truth
And all because you pissed me off and sent me back to the booth
Bitch I know shit about your family that could cause a divorce
Bitch I know shit about your family that could toss 'em in court
Bitch I know shit about your family that your fans won't support
And if you open up your mouth I'll toss it back like a sport
Yeah, I wish it didn't have to happen like this
Wish that we could still be friends and still be happy as shit
But you hurt me pretty deep, this as mad as I'll get
Man I never had adrenaline that's lasted like this
I still love you and I hope you grab the respect
Of all my fans, but they know you're tryna smash with my friend
So don't get your hopes up about having success
'Cuz you 'gon lose a lot of followers by acting like this
Saying that you don't believe that you were ever in the wrong
And now you're acting positive to try and get along
Posting on your Instagram that I'ma drop a song
And try to stray your fans away from it because I dropped a bomb About what really happened and all those silly actions
Because you knew that if they knew then they would really vanish
Man I'm a human too and you knew that they understand it
So instead of coming forward, you just hide and panic
Saying that you might've had a few too many drinks in the night
And that's the reason that you lied about the guy that you like
You told me I was being crazy 'cuz I'm sniffing around
You so manipulative bitch, you f*cking flipped it around
Until I thought that I'm the cause of everything that you did
You made me think that I was worthless and I lost all my grip
You said I need to get on meds so I could stop all my fits
But now I understand that you're the one who caused all that shit
I'm f*cking fine now, I said I'm fine now
And all your fans are really 'bout to f*cking find out
On who you really are inside if you keep running them lips
I'll tell them all about the pot and how you ripping them hits
Or how you f*cking call me "papi" when I'm gripping them tits
Or how I beat it up like Rocky when I slipped in that shit
You always said "Don't stop please, I'm loving the dick"
And then you're scared because we f*cked without a condom and shit
Yeah, that's just a taste of what I got in my vault
And don't think I won't drop it if you say it's my fault
I used to wish you all the best, now I wish that you'd fall
I'm done with every shady bitch, this a war on 'em all
I know it's hard to hear these words and you don't understand it
The same one you loved came around to cause you damage
But now she with my homie and I truly couldn't stand it
So I had to stand up and give this bitch the disadvantage
'Cuz I don't wanna breathe no more
I don't wanna write a rhyme or even read no more
I been struggling a lot, not off the weed no more
Vision blurry from the liquor, I can't see no more
When we first started talking, you told me that you was different
Convinced me you were good and nothing like all these bitches
I told you I could help you with your channel and career
But in the hype of burning me you just burned all your bridges

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Record Label(s): 2018 CHVSE
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