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I'm feeling isolated
I debated
Being with you
But you violated
My loyalty
And that trust I gave
And now I'm felling like
All this love is pain
So I'm done with games
Lost my head
Found a girl
But she found a man
Went behind my back
To go suck his dick
Now I'm scared to even
Love another chick
And I've shown
That I'm seeking help
To cope with all of these
Demons dealt
I got a phone
But no one hits the cell
So I'm all alone
To try to fix myself
But it doesn't work
Call me crazy
You cheated on me
And you acted shady
Said it happened once
But it happened daily
Then you coming back
To try to have my baby

Like no bitch
You ain't noticed
Missing me
With the hoe shit
Cause I heard you kissed me
At a party
After you sucked the host's dick
And that's gross bitch
Not something to laugh at
You think it was coincidence
That I wouldn't snap back
Every time you tried to hit me up
On the Snapchat
I'm pissed
Cause it's 3 years
I couldn't have back
Yo, I thought we really clicked
But the whole time
I was dealing with her shit
I gave her 3 tries
But the bitch would never quit
She would sit on a dick
Just to see if it'd fit

Now you calling me a dick
All you think about is dick
So if I'm really a dick
Then I'm getting in your head Told every single friend
That you're wishing I was dead
But if I was a dick
Then you'd be loving me again
Yo, or am I wrong
Am I bright
Am I dumb
Cause I stayed with a whore
Who would suck on cocks
Like an infant would on his f*cking thumb
I was gone
But now I'm back to earth
And why the f*ck
Are you the one
Who's acting hurt
I had to deal with all the problems
She inflicted in my heart
At the same time
That I got back to work
Don't be passing words
About how I'm an ass
And a stupid pot head
Who would drop out of class
I'm like an archaeologist
I'm digging the past
Back up
Just so I can start to bury your ass
It wasn't cause I'm good
That I could never bust
It was just
You were bad
In the bed
When we f*cked
I could thrust, and thrust
And I would never nut
But if I did it myself
Then I would cum in a rush
Like, remember that time
You were bleeding in pain
Biting the pillow
And f*cking screaming my name
Then we broke up
You weren't feeling the same
So you went and told your friends
That my penis was lame
I bet you're feeling ashamed
Cause now I'm making the dough
While you're tryna find a guy
Who be taking it slow
But if that's what you're searching for
You're staying alone
Cause not one nice guy
Is gonna marry a hoe

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