Rewind The Time Lyrics

If I could do it all again
I would change nothin
Well, maybe a few things

[Carl Thomas croons]

[Chorus: Carl Thomas]
If I could rewind my life today - what would I do, what would I say?
If I could turn back the hands of time - I would rewind the time, that you were mine
If I could rewind my life today - what would I do, what would I say?
If I could turn back the hands of time..

[Chris Lowe]
I wish I never (wish I never) said what I was sayin
I was gassed up (gassed up) a player just playin (damn)
a lady like you, but who knew what to do
With fightin and the fussin we both went through (both went through)
Time went along and you faded away
I reminisce on a kiss each and every day (every day)
I sing a sad song, cause we both was wrong
It's a shame two people couldn't really get along
That's why I keep all the good times and leave it at dat
I heard you got married, had kids and got fat
It really feel good to see you out the hood
It's too bad cause Lowe was misunderstood, if I..


[Chris Lowe]
See I've been through mad ladies (ladies) from back in the 80's (80's)
To twenty-oh-three, still pimpin, that's just me
But sometimes I catch it, y'all don't really even know
Feelin like a pimp when he use a girl ho
Hide it and divide it, this feelin ain't a lie
Like Jay, I guess I really gotta make the +Song Cry+
And then get to steppin, replace what I left in
Forward on, y'all know I got this rep that I'm protectin
But thoughts pop up, for a second I get stuck
In a daze I'm amazed at the way we used to..
And then I begin to just fantasize
About the flicks on your lips, between your thighs
Shake it off, stop thinkin 'bout the way you take it off
You ain't even mine, I'm just rememberin the time
I got you on tape, I can press rewind
And then rewind the times that you were mine


[Chris Lowe]
I probably woulda did it different, just to be specific
Cause bein with me, back in the day, wasn't terrific
I was whylin, you was mad when I was smilin
Wasn't, takin you serious, I had you delerious
But I realize what I lost of course
It's too late to hate, I just made a mistake
And so many things that I had to go through
But learned a good lesson after I lost you
You used to tell me all the time one day you would leave
I just couldn't believe, what you had up your sleeve
See I got a hundred girls, but they don't mean shit to me
Who woulda known you was the one that would get to me?

[Chorus: repeat to fade]

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Record Label(s): 2004 Nature Sounds
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