One Liners Lyrics

Aiyyo who that, Tall T, from Hartford?
(That's right son, whassup Chris?)
New Haven to Hartford right now son?
(New Haven to Hartford, all the way to the fullest)
Let's hit 'em with a one liner real quick
(Yo these one liners)

One liners ("Your album couldn't f#%k with one line" - Craig Mack)
One! ("Your album couldn't f#%k with one line")
One liners ("Your album couldn't f#%k with one line")
One! ("Your album couldn't f#%k with one line")

[Chris Lowe]
Yeah you dip dip dive then so-socialize
Clean out your ears then you open your eyes
(And see what?) Me standin, microphone plannin
Demandin, scannin, Chris the loose cannon
(Expandin) So what y'all all close to me for?
Cause y'know I got flavor like a grocery store
You shoppin, you want that beat that get you hoppin
It's a lot of whack {shit} out, watch what you coppin
This the future shot, and we used to rock
Ahead of my time like a calendar for challenger
Cause I ain't gon' choke on a quote, dare me to take a toke
Inhale your style and blow it out like smoke
Son kill it, Chris Lowe ain't gon' get you nowhere
Cause I'm still gon' be livin on my kicks and snares
Throughout the party, got you scared wit'cha shotty
If I don't get your {bitch} you know it's gon' be somebody
My one liner


[Tall T]
You get your back cracked, like a chiropract'
See your face you change like Michael Jack' in 10 seconds flat
You don't know the haps, that's why, I came with the stats
to run laps around your fake raps and dodge traps
set up by fake cats, who hate that, the flow is way fat
Cause I put letters together better than Pat Sajak
Did I say that? Crazy sad rappers go with the phases
You try to get one style I flip like John Woo, and save faces
Tenacious, give me some room, my style's spacious
Never waste this, lyrical flow just amaze kids
Basic trainin, what you need fo' yo' language
I CAN'T HEAR YOU, you suck, you not a banger
You just bring mo' anger, I told your moms
you shouldn't mess with a stranger
Got beat up, dumped on your head, stole your Ranger
It's like this, a true MC of the art
Don't start, with the flow, I tear you apart
I admit you had heart, but this time around, you suck
I'll understand if you don't give me that pound, one liners

[Chorus x1.5]

[Chris Lowe]
Yeah I hit 'em with the uncut action, pure satisfaction
Didn't slack up, second single, this the backup
Independent, {bullshit} that I get
Chris Lowe and out of sight, lower than footprints
You ain't seein me for real 'til I get this new deal
So for now take the beats to the {shit} y'all feel
Enjoy yourself (just enjoy yourself)
Just enjoy yourself (just enjoy yourself)
Yeah see I'ma break it down slow for y'all, I only got the time
To make the cash money and to say a quick rhyme
{Niggaz'll} hawk when I walk on stage in a rage
Flip the page (flip the page) it's the one man brigade (brigade)
And then I walk in the dust, ain't no trust man
{Niggaz} stand around like they waitin for the bus
Schemin on my riches and {bitches} is takin pictures
I'm out, Lowe down, yeah lost and not found

[Tall T]
Aiyyo a {bitch} is a {bitch} like Ice Cube said
Call me Shabba Don cause I'm wicked in the bed
Destroy fake guys avoid +Snake Eyes+ like Nicholas
Cage a rapper up somethin so ridiculous
Keep only ductions that ticklish
More +Fresher+ than +Doug E.+ I'm +Wicked+ plus a +Lil' Vicious+
I wanna be surround by ice like Jigga
The only way I can hit the top is to step up my flow {nigga}
I'm f'real fulfillin flows on the fluent
I send a sound to see the deal the way y'all do it
Dope music, basslines, and acoustics
Make a hip-hop crowd lose it it only just a few minutes
My soul tinted, everything I said I meant it
Rules I bend 'em, you got a rapper ready to send 'em
One liners

[Chorus: w/ variations to fade]

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Record Label(s): 2004 Nature Sounds
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