Let's Go Lyrics

Yeah, Chris Lowe
(Okay, it's Fort Knox; Chuck Chillout - let's go)

[Verse One: Chris Lowe]
I'm in line to see the club rock
Fly shorties all over lookin too hot
Tryin to get a spot, tryin to see some ass drop
Bend over, let me put it in a padlock
Backwards, full of hydro
In New York, or New Haven, or Chicago
Oh yeah, by the way, my name Chris Lowe
Move ya hips lows, love it when ya lips blow
Damn - shorty's standin by the coat check
Tryin to get her on the mic for a throat check
Chris poke her first night, that's a sure bet
Got her so wet, on her jeans, full jet
Damn, mami get me stuck
With them tight-ass jeans and she lickin her lips
Shake your ass like you havin a seizure
And girl we gon' freak for a week in the beat so let's go

[Chorus x2]
Let's go, I'm feelin ya flow
Yo' lips and yo' eyes, hips and yo' thighs (let's go)
Let's go, it's Knox and Chris so
We gon' take you on a ride and make it worldwide (let's go)

[Verse Two: Fort Knox]
Knox smoke trees by the ounces
Bumrush the club, I'm bigger than the bouncers (move)
I turn accounts to a trampoline
And my stroke so good it'll cramp a spleen (yeah)
I'm tryin to find me a go-go chick
That can bounce up and down on my pogo stick (bounce)
I'm tellin you girl, your ass is the one
More junk in your trunk than +Sanford & Son+ (oh no!)
And baby girl had a thong made of licorice (okay)
Real ticklish, kiss her on her clitoris
All the chicks wanna check for me
They call me Robo-Knox, I'm a sex machine
And I like 'em real thick like a milkshake (real thick)
With a sick waist, shake it 'til ya hips break
Knox be the same night Knox freak her
Spray white shit on her face like Noczema, let's go


[Verse Three: Chris Lowe]
She got a ass like Gabrielle Union's
I wanna smash, put somethin in the womb and
Shorty face like Vivica Fox
I only hit it one time and I pass it to Knox
Full blast and we chillin with Chuck
And she know she gon' get it if she get in the truck
I like the style, I like your strut
Shake your ass all wild, not givin a f*ck

[Verse Four: Fort Knox]
Body right and brain is amazin
Shorty ran more trains than Penn Station
Stay right and keep my pen blazin
My flow's a burnin sensation
So back it up, girl put it in my lap
I take yo' ass home, then you know it's a wrap
Let's get it goin on, yo you know where it's at
I got you, your man ain't gettin you back (let's go)


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Record Label(s): 2004 Nature Sounds
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