Cant Change Me Lyrics

By the time you hear this, I'll be long gone
You keep the leather sofas and chrome
This place was never my home
Since I'm forever wrong
And you'll be better off living alone
And my life's far from a prom
So I don't need a chaperone

[Verse 1]
Got me wishin I was never born
Damn near every dawn
Women tryina change a nigga seemingly, is my life's song
I'm gettin a remix, can't afford Nate Dogg on a hook
But f**k reading my emails, bitch read a f**kin book!
It took great depression and supression of hate
To not do you like Laci Peterson or wild out like Robert Blake
I lie awake cos she tried to kill me in my sleep
S'why we can't stay together, like Jill Scott's front teeth
You should see her when she's lookin at me
Winona Ryder couldn't steal enough shit to make this bitch happy
Sadly it's over, and it don't even phase me
Last way a woman changed me, was my diper as a baby
I'm feelin crazy, I'm a miserable individual
Cos we break up continual, like Nextel cellular signal
I've given you knowledge that goes beyond your understanding
But you blanket yourself in myth and missed all that I taught
I don't, think you've ever known a father's love
I feel like heartlessly dumping you, like Jennifer did to Chris Judd
I misjudged... had to break my phone to not call
Should've never got involved... you had my poster on the wall, bitch

She's gonna change the world
She can change the world
Mami can change the world
(ay querida)
But she can't change me
She's gonna change the world
(senora, senorita)
Mami can change the world
She's gonna change the world
(ay querida)
But she can't change me
(She can't change me)

[Verse 2]
Women want us to walk down the aisle to the alter, singing a hymn
The hidden meaning to them is I'll alter him
Make us type different, we can no longer hang with our friends
Ride on spectacular rims
No more bangin Dominican twins
Makin feelings forbidden like Tom Cruise envisionin
Lenny Kravitz' musty ass smashin Nicole Kidman
But I refuse to riff with somebody that I live with
{right channel} Might not've always been right
{left channel} Damn sure should've left
Now I risk my freedom every time I see her
Our relationship's shakier than furniture from Ikea
The year the money came, we got along better riding the train
Now madness has taken its toll and I don't have exact change
She filed for child support, I accused her of being a whore
I feel like I'm in Hong Kong, how they wanna make this Singapore (singer poor)
It's raw lightning, realising your lady's hole
Is more famous than that hole they found Saddam hiding in
Surviving sickness and in health
In a black tux with a stick in front of an orchestra she couldn't conduct herself
It's just as well, I ain't sheddin no more tears
I've been with her for 2 decades, murderers get but 10 years
I swear the institution of marriage is like a mental institution
Except niggaz give their freedom willingly
It's killin me, I can't see bein nobody's husband
Only thing men and women agree on is never to trust a woman
Yeah I cheated first, but you cheated worse
So now I feel like kicking you to the curb
And kicking the whole curb off the Earth
He's sick of her, she's sick of him, it's sickening
So take me as I am, or watch me as I go
You CAN'T change me!


[Verse 3]
Now suddenly, you want me to see
Every single thing you pointed out that's wrong with me
I'm sorry ma but I'm all that I got
And I know you loved me when
It was on top of the world
And I was on the bottom of it
What is this, sick me to try to control me
The bleedin on me
When every breath I breath is still lonely
And I'm not standin here proclaimin to be perfect
Behind the curtain's surface you become a shameless serpent
Working tirelessly to bring me down as a man
I let you into my life, whore, but now that door is slammed
It's 3am, my headlight's off, I put my gun on the dash
Our love and hate line's become thinner than Genuwine's mustache
Finding myself addicted to the drama
Like if a woman don't give me no problem then I don't seem to want her
I gotta break the cycle of being psycho
A mean title deservedly unnervingly not being affected by you
At you pokes pins, character assassinations and prostitute friends
I wanna shoot ya in your f**kin limbs
Kick 'em with my Camel Timbs until them bitches haemorrhaging
Anger every half hour outta 24 I'm averaging
The arrogance, you thinkin that I will never f**kin leave
Cos I'll reward ya for all this bad behaviour like if you're my seed
But I see now, this isn't necessarily meant to be
Sincerely I'm unhappy livin in misery, come rescue me
I've created my own prison from bad decision
One finger pointed at you is 3 pointed at me, see I'm the victim
Was with you instead of my daughters like every weekend
You're mad I wouldn't bow down like japanese people greeting
We was the finest Rican couple in Jimmy's café
Who would be thinking that we would've ended up this way
Mutual friends be speakin of how much you miss me
You should've never aborted my twins that saturday!


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Record Label(s): 2010 Chino XL
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