The Third Heaven


The Third Heaven Lyrics

I was still aware of those around me
I could hear their cries and sense their grief
But was physically incapable
Of responding to them in any way

There was surprisingly no sensation of death
But without doubt, I knew I was dying
As my spirit and body naturally
And without effort began to separate

An entirely new dimension of reality unfolded
Like the slow opening of a rare flower
Celestial mysteries were revealed from beyond

The atmosphere was permeated
With the healing melody of an invisible choir
And I knew I had entered the domain of the living God

My eyes beheld a vast concourse of souls from every nation
Dressed in the spotless garments of the redeemed
With a loud voice they echoed praises to their King

I saw a mighty throne around which was seated
Four and twenty elders with crowns of glory
And like the sound of rushing waters they began to sing

Holy, holy, holy
They sang
Holy, holy, holy
I heard them say
Holy, holy, holy is the Lord

They said
Holy, holy, holy
Holy, holy, holy
Holy, holy, holy is Lord

The whole principle of living was different
Food and water wasn't needed to sustain life
There was no mental agony, tears
Source of tears or any physical pain

Light did not come from one source like the sun
But God's glory illuminated everything
So shadows did not exist, neither did elemental changes
Like snow, storms or even rain

Then, in all of it's pristine graduer, I saw the Holy City
Suspended like a cube at the expanse of eternity
Fifteen hundred miles high and just as deep as it was wide

Indescribable colors were refracting everywhere
From the precious stones it was made of
With twelve angels guarding the gates
Fashioned from one solid pearl on each side

Then, from behind me, I could sense the presence
Of one whose virtue shot through the very fibers of my being
As I slowly turned, a glorious radiance consumed my eyes
His silhouette was backdropped by the immense sea of glass

And for the very first time
My eyes beheld one altogether lovely
The Lily of the Valley, the Fairest of Ten Thousands
My Lord, my Saviour Jesus Christ
I threw up my hands and cried

Holy, holy, holy
Holy, holy, holy
Holy, holy, holy is the Lord

My soul said
Holy, holy, holy
Holy, holy, holy
Holy, holy, holy is the Lord

His eyes were filled with tenderness
Encouragement, strength and love
His countenance proclaimed He knew everything
There was to know or ever worth knowing

Being with Him was to have everything I ever wanted
Be everything I ever imagined
And arrive at everywhere I only dreamed of going
Then the same Voice that spoke the worlds into existence
Spoke my name in affectionate tones

He said, "My beloved child, there are those left behind
Who are deeply grieved at your death
They've prayed I return you to your earthly life
And because of their faithfulness to Me
I am willing to grant their request"

I said, "Lord, if my loved ones only knew
The limitless wonders of Heaven
If they could steal but one brief glimpse of glory
I know what they would do"

"Because they loved me, they'd never ask
That I return to the confines of my human body
Lord, I can't go back, please let me stay with You"

For You are the resurrection of the life
The Son of the Living God
You're the only one worthy of honor
And glory and power and praise

Master, only You make all things new
For You alone are Lord and God, Saviour and King
And forever and ever, throughout all eternity
I'll join the hosts of heaven
As they praise You day, after day, after day singing

Lord of all the Earth
Forever He shall reign
Lord of glory, lamb of God
And holy is His name

My soul says
Lord of all the Earth
Forever He shall reign
Lord of glory, lamb of God
And holy is His name
And holy is His name

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Songwriter(s): Carman Licciardello, Keith Thomas
Record Label(s): 1993 Carman
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