Blink 182
Cal Scruby


Blink 182 Lyrics

Look what you made me do

[Verse 1]
Okay I'm ready if you ready
Cock it back and hold it steady
I pull up in Malibu
But I ain't hoppin' out the Chevy, no
Tell me is you busy?
Can you fit me in your schedule?
I'm not tryna kick it, I'm just tryna f*ck
So let me know
I'm sorry, I'm sorry
I know that's forward, forgive me
I got you all on my mind
And I'm tryna get all in your kidneys
I call you late, dinner date
Got no hundreds or fifties
No no no takeout at the steakhouse
Let me order you Denny's
Baby I think
He was lyin' a bit
When he said he cash out
Pennywise, I just mean
I wouldn't f*ck with that clown
Huh, I don't play the game of cat-mouse
Yeah, summa-cum-"loud"
Burning cap-gown
Hey f*ck U2
I got no problem with Bono
I've been drinking, I've been smoking
Had enough of the combo
I'm the best in your stereo
Let's go mano e mano
Yeah I'm the uno, my motto:
Say "I do not know to follow"
Ah shoot, had to switch it

Look what you made me do, damn
Look what you made me do
If you blink, I bet she gon' pull a 180 too
She gon' pull a 180 too, yeah

[Verse 2]
Throw it at me like I'm running a route
I'm catchin' feelings droppin' everything else I did shit for you I wouldn't do for myself
Funny how you turn me down but now you want me to help
Nah, SMS address to your bestie but I delete it
We were on a break for the evenin' it wasn't cheatin'
When I meet Selena I need me at least a Weeknd
I'm already a Legend I need a Chrissy Teigen
Pull up, skrrrt, where your panty at
If I comment on that pic how your man react?
Ooh I like that fanny pack that's a good look
If you a snack then your Insta is a cookbook
Heh, okay that was corny I'm sorry I think it's funny though
We been runnin' game like Atari since I was 24
You love finer things no wonder why all my money low
You want black diamonds, and I'm still on that bunny slope
You been actin' more entitled less and less thankful
Curvin' everybody but showin' your best angles
Women in my past said they wanna be left single
But I stopped texting they turned on my like Steph's ankles

Look what you made me do, damn
Look what you made me do
If you blink, I bet she gon' pull a 180 too
She gon' pull a one 180 too

She gon' turn on you
(Flip it, flip it, watch her flip it)
She gon' turn on you
(Switch it, switch it, watch her switch it)
She gon' turn on you

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Songwriter(s): Cal Scruby
Record Label(s): 2019 The Lunar Society
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