Hit Man Lyrics

[HM = Hit Man, L = Lyndah, BF = Boyfriend]

Easily I approached
Found the Hit Man, gave him the dope
My man f*cked around behind my back
This ho ain't going for that
Misses says I should chill
I said, f*ck that shit, It's time to get ill
Fooled around on me twice
Now the motherf*cker gotta pay with his life
He ain't nothing but a goddam ho
I asked him if he f*cked around, he said no
Found out that he lied
Now it's time for the nigga to die
What you got, what you need, yeah, what you want done?
Want me to kill him, or terrorize him for fun?
Shoot the motherf*cker right between his legs
Turn him around, give him two to the head
Yo B, how could you do this?
This bitch here, ruthless
Now, I got the dope, and the dough
So what's it going to be like, yes or no?
Alright, baby doll, now here's the plan
How I'm gonna take out the brother man
I'll take him for a ride to cop in the park
Towards the back, where it's nice and dark
It'll be clean, no evidence to find
And when I finish, ha ha ha, I'll cold ditch the nine
You know what I'm saying?
Serious biz, this ain't no joke
So I followed behind to see how it'd go
He lay there crying
A look in his eyes, yeah, he knew he was dying
He begged, bad, he would put up a fight
But I had strict orders: take his life
'Cause I'm the type of bitch that don't give a f*ck
Nigga, you don't press your luck
Nigga got to learn you can't have it all
f*ck me, you wanna take a fall
I hate it when a man cheat around on his woman
Bitch spread her leg, and he's all up in 'em
A relationship, I gave it all I had
But he always found ways to make me sad
You know what they say, "no pain, no gain"
Shit, that's for a dumb ass dame
Me, myself, and I do fine
I manipulate motherf*cker's minds
And my man's life just came to an end
He got taken out by his best friend
End of story
I need an ambulance
He ain't dead yet?
I need an ambulance
Finish that motherf*cker
[long silence]
Thanks, but I don't need witnesses
What the f*ck you doing?
You doublecrossing bitch!
Now I got the dope, and the dough
Two dead motherf*ckers, now it's time to roll

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