A Different Category Lyrics

[TM = Tanisha Michelle, L = Lyndah]
We are B.W.P., better known as The Bytches
Now we been doing this here shit before all them other copy cat
wannabe ass bitches
That's riding my shit
Now women all over the world is lowing and loving The Bytches
Other bitches need to stop riding my clit
Lyndah, motherf*ckers say you ain't no different from any other goddam
girl rapper
What the f*ck you gonna do about that, bitch?
Damn, how you living!
You gonna let him just say that shit?
Kick him in the dick, bitch!
[L & TM]
[Verse 1:]
This is the way I know you love it
So you want something, I took it I f*cked it
You came, I know what's funky
You lose juice, now run get a juice
So yo, don't compare me with another
It's not the average everyday motherf*cker
Sucker, the bitch, headed before shit
I heard enough of that bullshit
I'm a turn it around, tear up the town
Mark sex, drop the sound
Don't try and diss this, you'll a miss
In a toilet, I'll flush you like piss, bitch
No time to battle, no time to waste wars
Just ride and slamming to the goddam floor
Kick it, live, no half stepping
The posse's in effect, your best bet checking
The B, W, and the P
It's not just a crew, it's a whole damn posse
The rhymes I throw, flow like low
Crack, speed, yo, it's all dope
Do ho, slow, slander my name
You poo-butt wannabe sucker searching fame
Slamming, to a different swing
It's a 90's thing
And since you is a wannabe, here's the story
I'm in A Different
So kick this one here
Kick this one here
Kick this one here for me and my bitches
[Verse 2:]
No f*cking or sucking, bitch stop bugging
Go on and tender my clit for a lick
[L & TM]
Damn, ho
Didn't you know
I only f*ck niggaz, asshole
But I'll start the show, that's if you're ready to go
Step to B.W.P., you'll get your head blown
Mama spit you out her ass, make you a rapper
For doing stupid shit like that, I should have slap her
Put me to a test, compared me to the rest
You bore me, I'm in A Different Categor
So kick this one here
Kick this one here
Kick this one here for me and my bitches
You want fight a comma, I'm a give you some
[Verse 3:]
Kill that crap, Jack, I know I'm black
You ritious dumb motherf*ckers is wack
I talk about the same old bullshit
[L & TM]
Cash, money, niggaz and bitches
Hard times and sex rhymes
You might sound crazy in my mind, or blind
To reality, don't mean shit to me
[L & TM]
Or B.W.P.
It's all about a paid salery
It's not all about a diss to me, see
I'm in A Different Categor
So kick this one here
Kick this one here
Kick this one here for them dumb bitches
Well f*ck it then, run the shout out
Mark Sex
The Shop
No Face
Dr. Dre
Eazy Motherf*cking E
The Bytches
2 Live Crew
Mad Sound
Yard Strong
Equal Opportunity Motherf*ckers With Respect
Ed Lover
Dr. Dre
Fab 5
And We Audi 5000, motherf*cker
Hey Yo, No Shout Out To Ice Cube?
No, let's just stay off his dick
Word to my dead ass daddy
[L & TM]

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