Comin' Back Strapped Lyrics

Say hoe, how ya doing?
[Tanisha Michelle]
Fine, motherf**ker, but your momma's a goddam hoe!
What the f**k you got to talk about my mother for, bitch?
Did I got to say something about your mother?
[Tanisha Michelle]
You ain't got no business to talk to me like that!
What the f**k's a matter with you
You stank pussy bitch!
[Tanisha Michelle]
You the stank pussy motherf**ker!
I ought to f**k you up!
Hold my bottle
[Tanisha Michelle]
Your mama got the stank pussy!
She ain't washed her ass since she had you, motherf**ker!
I ought to f**k you up, bitch!
Shut the f**k up!
Get the f**k off my block before I kick your ass!
[Tanisha Michelle]
You ain't going to do shit, motherf**ker!
I ought to slap the shit out you, bitch!
[Tanisha Michelle]
You ain't going to
Aw shit, motherf**ker, you're going to get f**ked up now!
You going to be hitting me and shit
You going to be hitting me
Shut the f**k up!
[Tanisha Michelle]
Just wait right here
Just wait right here
Me and my girls going to come back and f**k all you all up!
Shut the f**k up!
Yeah, right
[Tanisha Michelle]
Yeah, right
Alright, motherf**ker, I got your dick right here
f**k you!
[Tanisha Michelle]
I'm a blow your motherf**king ass away!
Aw, f**k you!
f**k you!

[Verse 1: Tanisha Michelle]
One, two, three, and three, two, one
I'm going home to get my f**king gun
You can call it a pistol, or call it a gat
Plain and simple, I'm Comin' Back Strapped
'Cause niggas like to act real stupid
And now I'm going to use it
Don't be on the corner when I drive by
There's going to be a homicide
You ask how I'm doing, I told you fine
Now you want to rap and waste my time
So yo, I keep on stepping
And niggas start disrespecting
They call me a bitch and a hoe and a slut
Man, that shit was f**ked up
[Tanisha Michelle & Lyndah]
Alright, alright
We going to get those motherf**kers right now
[Tanisha Michelle]
They say hello, and I say hi
It wasn't like a big thing give a reply
The motherf**kers kept on cussing
Bitch, you ain't all that, they was bugging
I thought to myself, where will it end?
Right there in front of all his friends
Cussing me out, I was surrounded
Goddam, I was dumfounded
What did I do to deserve this?
I was so scared, I almost pissed in my pants
'Cause they was niggas with 40s in their hands
A motherf**ker threatened to gat me
Another nigga threatened to slap me
What the f**k is this?
I was minding my own business
Niggas be bugging
You got to let a nigga know he ain't been nothing
So I check they faces
And got a real good look
And next time I'm at the crib
I put the jammy in my pocketbook

[Chorus: Tanisha Michelle & Lyndah]
All you motherf**kers better watch your back
'Cause we Comin' Back Strapped

[Verse 2:]
Well I'm Lyndah, and I'm back again
Here to warn you and all your dumb ass friends
All you bad niggas corner standing crack head brothers
You ain't nothing but pussy motherf**kers
I ain't your average boulevard hoe
Bitches, do they kiss me?
[Lyndah & Tanisha Michelle]
f**k no!
'Cause I got a whole mafia of niggas
One finger stuck to motherf**king triggers
And I told you what they like to do
Take out punk motherf**kers like you
So yo, when The Bitches are stepping
Just remember we got weapons
Feed me, fear me, that's a tip
'Cause I'll bust a cap in you, bitch
I'm a let you know once, now look
I got something for you in my pocketbook
Niggas be high off that O E
Think that they can disrespect me
I'm a let you know, yo, I ain't the one
Bitch like me got a f**king gun
'Cause I'm a crazy ass bitch
I don't play that shit
So go ahead yo, and press your luck
'Cause I'm crazy as f**k
So before you start illing off eight ball
Think twice, 'cause I'll smoke all you all

[Chorus x2]

Hey lay low, slow up over there
Are those the motherf**kers over there?
[Tanisha Michelle]
Yeah, that's them
Alright, we're gonna get the motherf**kers
[Tanisha Michelle]
Back the car up
[Tanisha Michelle]
Aw, f**k it, just go around the block
[Tanisha Michelle]
Turn the radio down
[Tanisha Michelle]
Yeah, turn it down
Through the light to the left
[Tanisha Michelle]
Alright, here we go, you ready?
[Tanisha Michelle]
Don't let anybody see you
[Tanisha Michelle]
f**k that, I want them to see me
[Tanisha Michelle]
Yo, motherf**ker!
Yeah, you remember me from from around here?
What the f**k you want?
[Tanisha Michelle]
Yeah, motherf**ker, I got
What the f**k I want?
I got something for your ass!
[gun shots]
She shooting!
[tires squealing]

[Chorus: x4]

[Tanisha Michelle & Lyndah]
f**k no!

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