Comin' Back Strapped Lyrics

Say hoe, how ya doing?
[Tanisha Michelle]
Fine, motherf*cker, but your momma's a goddam hoe!
What the f*ck you got to talk about my mother for, bitch?
Did I got to say something about your mother?
[Tanisha Michelle]
You ain't got no business to talk to me like that!
What the f*ck's a matter with you
You stank p*ssy bitch!
[Tanisha Michelle]
You the stank p*ssy motherf*cker!
I ought to f*ck you up!
Hold my bottle
[Tanisha Michelle]
Your mama got the stank p*ssy!
She ain't washed her ass since she had you, motherf*cker!
I ought to f*ck you up, bitch!
Shut the f*ck up!
Get the f*ck off my block before I kick your ass!
[Tanisha Michelle]
You ain't going to do shit, motherf*cker!
I ought to slap the shit out you, bitch!
[Tanisha Michelle]
You ain't going to
Aw shit, motherf*cker, you're going to get f*cked up now!
You going to be hitting me and shit
You going to be hitting me
Shut the f*ck up!
[Tanisha Michelle]
Just wait right here
Just wait right here
Me and my girls going to come back and f*ck all you all up!
Shut the f*ck up!
Yeah, right
[Tanisha Michelle]
Yeah, right
Alright, motherf*cker, I got your dick right here
f*ck you!
[Tanisha Michelle]
I'm a blow your motherf*cking ass away!
Aw, f*ck you!
f*ck you!

[Verse 1: Tanisha Michelle]
One, two, three, and three, two, one
I'm going home to get my f*cking gun
You can call it a pistol, or call it a gat
Plain and simple, I'm Comin' Back Strapped
'Cause niggas like to act real stupid
And now I'm going to use it
Don't be on the corner when I drive by
There's going to be a homicide
You ask how I'm doing, I told you fine
Now you want to rap and waste my time
So yo, I keep on stepping
And niggas start disrespecting
They call me a bitch and a hoe and a slut
Man, that shit was f*cked up
[Tanisha Michelle & Lyndah]
Alright, alright
We going to get those motherf*ckers right now
[Tanisha Michelle]
They say hello, and I say hi
It wasn't like a big thing give a reply
The motherf*ckers kept on cussing
Bitch, you ain't all that, they was bugging
I thought to myself, where will it end?
Right there in front of all his friends
Cussing me out, I was surrounded
Goddam, I was dumfounded
What did I do to deserve this?
I was so scared, I almost pissed in my pants
'Cause they was niggas with 40s in their hands
A motherf*cker threatened to gat me
Another nigga threatened to slap me
What the f*ck is this?
I was minding my own business
Niggas be bugging
You got to let a nigga know he ain't been nothing
So I check they faces
And got a real good look
And next time I'm at the crib
I put the jammy in my pocketbook

[Chorus: Tanisha Michelle & Lyndah]
All you motherf*ckers better watch your back
'Cause we Comin' Back Strapped

[Verse 2:]
Well I'm Lyndah, and I'm back again
Here to warn you and all your dumb ass friends
All you bad niggas corner standing crack head brothers
You ain't nothing but p*ssy motherf*ckers
I ain't your average boulevard hoe
Bitches, do they kiss me?
[Lyndah & Tanisha Michelle]
f*ck no!
'Cause I got a whole mafia of niggas
One finger stuck to motherf*cking triggers
And I told you what they like to do
Take out punk motherf*ckers like you
So yo, when The Bitches are stepping
Just remember we got weapons
Feed me, fear me, that's a tip
'Cause I'll bust a cap in you, bitch
I'm a let you know once, now look
I got something for you in my pocketbook
Niggas be high off that O E
Think that they can disrespect me
I'm a let you know, yo, I ain't the one
Bitch like me got a f*cking gun
'Cause I'm a crazy ass bitch
I don't play that shit
So go ahead yo, and press your luck
'Cause I'm crazy as f*ck
So before you start illing off eight ball
Think twice, 'cause I'll smoke all you all

[Chorus x2]

Hey lay low, slow up over there
Are those the motherf*ckers over there?
[Tanisha Michelle]
Yeah, that's them
Alright, we're gonna get the motherf*ckers
[Tanisha Michelle]
Back the car up
[Tanisha Michelle]
Aw, f*ck it, just go around the block
[Tanisha Michelle]
Turn the radio down
[Tanisha Michelle]
Yeah, turn it down
Through the light to the left
[Tanisha Michelle]
Alright, here we go, you ready?
[Tanisha Michelle]
Don't let anybody see you
[Tanisha Michelle]
f*ck that, I want them to see me
[Tanisha Michelle]
Yo, motherf*cker!
Yeah, you remember me from from around here?
What the f*ck you want?
[Tanisha Michelle]
Yeah, motherf*cker, I got
What the f*ck I want?
I got something for your ass!
[gun shots]
She shooting!
[tires squealing]

[Chorus: x4]

[Tanisha Michelle & Lyndah]
f*ck no!

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