Story Of My Life Lyrics

[Intro: Buddha Monk]
Thirty year... Shaquasia, Monica, Naela, Jasmine
Pay close attention, daddy got a little story to tell
This gon' help you through life
Go throught the situations I didn't have to go through
But I went through anyway
I want ya'll to go sit back and relax
And listen to what I'm saying, cause
This is very important, my children
You my children, and I love you
And I don't want you to go through this
Listen to me

[Buddha Monk:]
Yo, I live for three decades, added three times ten
That means thirty years I've been living in this world
Trapped by a sin, chased by my same skin, blazed at my same skin
That'll hide the load like a caveman
Waiting for the sun to go down so my feet can hit the pavement again
Didn't you know this be the day my life come to an end
Throw on the vest to stop the slugs from entering my outer complex
What's next? One bullet grazed my chest
Took off the skin, another one flew by
How I know? I felt the wind, no time for back up
Die behind a suburban black truck
Gun in the right hand, with the left hand supporting the bus
Objective is to get one then duck
Keep firing, nigga, til the white flag is up
But you know how blacks do, they'd rather die than give it up
Even the baby's on the street, surviving without a pops
That's the lifestyles of a nigga that wants to be famous
But it's sad that I have to say this
Your son was caught in the world of young and died quick
Moms crying with her hand on her hips, drool fallin' from her lips
Her son is on the phone calling six of his click
The situation is getting drastic, and savagely before the war is over
It might be ten more bodies in the casket
Oh shit, there's news reporters everywhere asking what happened
But everybody trying the Silence of the Lambs, not giving a damn
Same regular day with the same regular plans
But it's cool though, the streets talking
I'm still gonna find out who killed my brother Debo
Why? Because all they did, I'm still gon' be there
Yo, I'm a tell you like this, nigga, I'm a still be there

[Chorus x2: Buddha Monk]
I'll be there, I'll be there, I'll be there
I'll be there...

[Buddha Monk:]
Rain falls, streets never been so silent
Only thing you hear is the water dropping
And my feets bopping, from the rain showering
Went to my girl's house just to dry off
And she's laying in the bed from the loving I just fed
Not knowing when I leave her house I might end up with a nine in my head
But I'm still staying militant, wondering why my brother died
From the hand of a I'll minded delinquent
It's murder, sickening to my third eye
Moms is home crying, so why can't his moms be home crying
It's no more thinking about the same skin
It's kill this one, and kill again
Now it's back out on 7th Ave. and Lexington
You know where that's at, that's where everybody sell drugs and laugh at
But it's this night where you gon' hear the gun claps
Caught two of them, then Tracy caught one
Innocent bystander got it in the back, people running everywhere
Grabbing the next friend, saying 'come on, let's get out of here'
Blood scattered everywhere, where revenge never felt so sweet
But sometimes other people die just so you can get beat
Flashing lights everywhere, mom callying Jamie
Just to see if her kid is still out there
People standing around everywhere
Worst disaster that they ever did here
The night is still young, and two more thugs
Got to get caught by gun down, it's a little more difficult
Call Dre with the four pound, tell him to meet me
On 4th and Broad', now, wait til the last location
Where somebody last is seen and heard of
More black vans, black hoodies, black Timbs
With black gorillas in the rear
There he goes, don't give him a chance
To get to a phone and call any of his friends
I say to myself this is it, empty two clips
They bust back, but nobody got hit
This is for Debo, arriba, andale, they all gotta go
I'm finished now, job done well now
I keep you in my mind forever now
I spray the wall in memory, so the love won't go down
Stay strong, I see you real soon
But for now Debo, yo, I'll still be there

[Chorus x2]

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Record Label(s): 2006 Duck Lo Productions Chambermusik Special Products

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