Mr. Harvey Wall Banger Lyrics

[Intro: Mr. Harvey Wall Banger]
Uh... OK... it's the Wall Banger
("One of these is for keeps... yeah")
Uh... Buddha Monk... uh...
("One of these is for keeps... yeah")

[Mr. Harvey Wall Banger:]
As loud as the golden seas I lead ya army like Colin P
Posin' Jehovah, 5 million
My mind like circumfrance, guided by the facts
You can't react off assumptions and survive like that
There's a time to speak and a time to sit and listen
A time for reminicin' and a time to plan ya mission
I'm a rhymin' embalmin-ist, fit a killer description
Killer fits a rhyme, my mission a ballertician
Cultivatin' the state which relivin' by creatin'
Poetry praisin' God that's obliteratin' Satan
We got mass poverty, gutter class poverty
A fightin' minority, barricadin' the armory
Wannabe Sean Connery, double 0 6in'
Pullin' 187's, buck figures didn't listen
One Brooklyn, I'll rep Brooklyn, I'll die Brooklyn
Get it on Brooklyn, kids at Brooklyn and wide Brooklyn
Like Atlas, God of the ancient Greeks
I'll hold the world on my shoulders, the other 8 in my feet

[Chorus x2: Buddha Monk and girl - singing]
So you wanna try and get up?
If you try bet you gon' die by my trigger
From the Brooklyn streets where shit ain't sweet
Escapin' from the heat and gunfire of the beast so don't test me

[Mr. Harvey Wall Banger:]
Yo I sit at 93 million miles from the Sun
Bringin' forth the true existence, the knowledge of one
Supreme bein', by MCin', mentally freein' the dumb from unawareness
You're now seein' clearness
We gotta gather a righteous nation
Bring ya mind to the realization or face annhilation
I taught my brother
You must first save the mind of yaself before tryin' to save the mind of another
Some food for thought, my lyrics 21 ciphers complete
And undiluted, powerful gun'll suit it
My woman is refinin' and my daughter is fresh fruited
Father of time is I illin' and let's do this
Smoke when I'm stressed through this
Used to starve from breast fluid
Now I speak science and give 'em tests to it
Better yet on net, the struggle of my format
12 jewels shinin' like Medina where I'm born at
Come on

[Chorus x2]

[Mr. Harvey Wall Banger:]
Who framed Mr. Wall Banger, rival for allies
He'll gradually rise, Sal-ly's, corner del-I
Bold face, empty cash registers, dome safe
No trace, return to the hide-out, show tapes to the whole place
Like a presentation on ShowCase
The BK assassins, puff at slow pace, Arnie Mill is on the case
Stuck on clueless, not witnesses to the crime committed
To prove it he did it, police put it down, how the nigga admit it?
Ally, gave the description to the Jakes and you fit it
Interrogatin' him, bullshit lawyer narratin' him
Meanwhile they upstatin' him, license platin' him
They even put him in a worse section
I guess a man gotta have a complexion for the connection

[Chorus: first line while fading]

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Record Label(s): 2008 Chambermusik Records

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