Miscommunication Lyrics

[Intro: Buddha Monk (Lee-Major)]
Aiyo son... what's up man?
I'm sayin though son, we gotta do this tonight
When I get off the phone with you, you call Dragon
I'll call (Delta1), Layza, Dungeon
Yo we definitely gotta call them niggaz
You heard what I'm sayin, Layza? You heard that?
Hold up... you hear that shit, son? (Yeah)
Yo yo lemme call you back, I gotta investigate this shit
Lemme call you back, nigga, I'll call you back, shit

[Buddha Monk:]
Yo what the f**k is goin on? Who's this nigga on my line?
Yo you're tappin on my convo so now you must die (hahahah)
I heard you whisperin, tellin the next man
About my thirty G plan, you want half? Go get a band
Ah man, now you got some shit on your hand
Shoulda kept ya mouth shut but ya fumbled my plan
Just back up man, you see that spot? That's where you gon' land
Don't want none of yo' bud to land on me or my man
Just why did you do it? Now you're leakin, lettin out fluids
Chopped ya body up, gave it to my dunn, "You know what to do with it"
Move quickly and make sure nobody got their eye on us
You keep your eye on me, then nigga you will die by me
It's the black ghost, wanted by most, rockin the two toast
Street corner holder, bury you and your dog
Do you know when I'm comin through
Why I blast quick at you and ya whole crew?
Lights out, what you niggaz really gon' do?
f**k you and yo' crew [x3]

[Chorus x2: Buddha Monk]
Who's that? (I don't know)
What he want? (He wants you)
What he talk about? (It's been a little miscommunication)
Shut him down (Right now?)
Why's that? (He snaked out
Grab the nigga by his head and punch him dead in his mouth)

[Drunken Dragon:]
Uh-huh, I'm hearin you but none of that ain't makin no sense
Cause you gossip, a slip of the lip could sink ships
Shouldn't try to be down, if ya can't hold sound
Stay silent, niggaz lookin for you, they made violent
Said you talked too much shit and ain't even a killa
Hang around a crowd of niggaz and don't nobody feel ya
Get used 'til ya no use, rock like hundred proof
Now they're gonna turn tables like 2Pac in Juice
Ya jumped into death more of less at any time
Here's a vest and a nine, the best that I could find
Cause I seen it comin, I told you, Manchuz is who I gun with
Other than that you keep runnin
Don't try to play hero in the year '00
If communication ain't graspin then take action (action)

Aiyo tap into that first thought
That got you askin questions, way beyond yo' knowledge
Hit me back if you wanna holla (Who you?)
Listen, talk in codes cause they all snitchin
My henchmen is underground, breakin the sound barrier
Microchips abusive, tap into thoughts when exclusive
It's Lee Major with the double-oh flow
Miscommunicate and create a next code
Hold on my shoes is ringin, I got you thinkin
My special forces is visa versa like the Lord
I'm well connected, B.K., N.Y. and accepted
I'll see you later, signin out, Lee Major

[Interlude: Buddha Monk]
Oh this passage, I've been wantin you, girl

[Chorus x2]

[Born U Majesty:]
I'm a set the record straight when I fumigate ya mindstate
On that bullshit you told off to Jakes
Statements and all, wrotten in PaperMate
And all of my calls goin back to '88
The ones I made from B.K. to Morgan State
And this dumb-ass bitch who called me from Motel 8
Who said she brought a key but received a big ape
Let's talk in codes, cause they snitchin
We teleport heavy thoughts in kitchens
Run over track, arm extension
Galaxies were born on life legend
The f**k you tellin 'em?
I'm the holy five percent, what the f**k you tellin 'em?
I'm the holy five percent...

[Dungeon Masta:]
f**k that, nobody move
Yo, it's that mad mic distributor
Invaded all areas, the verbal tone rhyme polluter
I'm takin all ya jewels so throw it up like "What? "
Before I have to put this hole up in ya guts
Ya just a laligag, put you in the bath for playin hero
I clip more nines than movies made by DeNiro
Zero ass niggaz, no cash niggaz
In order for you to make a sale, take a stash, nigga
Dungeon Masta be on some new shit for y'all bitches
Don't try to plot on me bitches, we'll bury you bitches
Who the f**k you think you talkin to?
Kinda like visual at ya wake
Make no mistake, nor miscommunicate

[Interlude: Buddha Monk]
Hello? Yo is there anybody here?
Yo what the f**k happened?
You know what, bitch? Test the phone!
This rank shit ain't callin no more
All them niggaz tryin to tell on my shit
That talk is rampid!

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Phone call sample (Buddha Monk)]
The customer you are calling is unavailable
Please hang up and try again
If you need help, please hang up and then dial your operator
(Shut the f**k up, bitch! Stankin ass bitch!)

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Record Label(s): 2006 Duck Lo Productions Chambermusik Special Products

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