Do Me Dog Lyrics

[Chorus: Politic]
I'm trying to do me, get cheese and blow trees
Travel seas, push the V and ride beats
Blaze through Sac's, like I blaze through tracks
So I blaze two macks at ya Gray's ballcap

I stay laced in, what's in ya freezer, bitch
Cause I can cock back, dump, cock back a frit
It's Hurricane Polo', tip bottles and hit models
Spit for the love of the streets, the kid's motto
I'm cold like the top of the mountains in Colorado
Unexpected like Roy Jones hosting at the Apollo
I think different, flow hot like ball liquid
I master my impossible shit like Verbal Pete did
Like D & P, leave the game but I can't leave it
Having trouble breathing, even though I'm breaking even
Still limp with my chin up, quick to pick ya chick up
In and out of tracks, like I'm spitting with the hiccups
I'm real, dog, spit fire and blow fog
Keeps it dog, like Grandpa Dukes and Boss Hog
See, the streets changed my mind, I think different
Listen, I got missing, young, I'm done and waiting on my day in trial

[Chorus x2]

Yo, how is it, I'm unheard but got props
If you the nigga on the block screaming how you hot
You flossing, I'm tossing back shots with no gwop
Forcing my hand, gets you popped like old locks
I thought you knew, hollows for the people, but tick
We spitting hot hollows through ya tephlon shit
Just because you been in the bing don't make you tough
Tough guys beat cases, playa, smarten up
It's like target practice, rapping with ya'll cactus
Act like ya the master of the game, and y'all just average
I epitomize the middle of your verse
Then in the worst situation, O.T. and double work
I take a step back, and wrapped a wave cap and let my thoughts free
Since way back, twenty's and dutch, can mean it off me
I'm saucy, pardon if I come across harsly
I got hate blood, and I'm so so death, to talk enforcely

[Chorus x2]

Aiyo, pardon me, if you don't like my approach
I'm a brain with a voicebox, I speak what I know
I'm a ghetto vocal chord, I just holla for the people
Who bust those, get those, stay blowing leather
Devil's Advocate, DeNiro, the main character
Wife dime, hollering at a two to make ya marry ya
Crew flip, niggas move quick than sound barriers
I'm flu sick, I Politic sicker than his carrier
Listen, I think, live and I talk different
Get dough, pimp hoes, drink and spark isim
I done been state to state and ain't hate
So excuse my attitude, if it's rude and out of place
I bubble like Mr. Move, to waite and shake rectors
Knock down ya play sister, then played the block witcha
So don't knock if I don't get in ya zone
I'm Politic everyday so just leave me alone

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