As The World Turns Lyrics

[Intro: Preacherman]
Oooh, as the world
As the world, keeps on turning

[Chorus x4: Preacherman]
As the world turns, so does love

We first met at the boosters, it was you who introduced us
Juice this is Susan, Susan this is Juice
Playing tunes on the stoupe, at first sight we was cool
Out proving, dusty like an SE coupe cruising
Hit me on my deuce, we can meet up, smoke some weed up
Stress the d up, push the d up, hit the back, hit the lab
Shit relax, put you feet up, sip a Zima
I ride the burgundy truck, she push the Kia like a X5 beemer
Got a mean strut, breezed up ultra color
Smelling like cocoa butter, most will love her
Yeah, my size two mahogany, eyes blue odyssey
Five two possibly without the shoe, fatal
Smoking like barbeque, no obstacle can stop me, how I got to
We link like AOl, in sync like cable
Eyes hazel got me hypnotized, realize it's the one
Switch my drift, and my mind, it flips


I should of know better cousin, seen it coming
Let me find out my best man and wife, I'm bugging
I got my nine, but let me not jump to conclusions
And clear my mind out, before I really start to just shooting
Temperature's rising, escalator's style
Is my chick coniving, just the way it sounds
Got me heated like my engine running, and there's no telling
When revenge is coming (let me catch my breath)
How can I be so facticious, my voice melon old soul
Victoria Secret, back in my dome, thinking 'oh no'
One in the heat, kid four-four, got to keep it ease
Until I know your whole reason, jesus
The cards you dealt me, destiny testing me
Possessing me, to put the neck to his neck and squeeze
God help me, this is not healthy, belly empty
Heart full of anger, wanted to strangle her
But I can't, cause I need answers


Now this is all mind boggling, brains foggy
And I burnt out my holigens, in the range following
Puffing, bumping Dave Hollister, something to come
With this bottle of Southern Comfort, I'm hollerin' (but you don't
Hear me though)
Back to my story now, here we go, can we stop
At the Marriot, turn down my stereo, valet took the keys
To a jeep rental, wondering what could she be wearing underneath that trenchcoat
Free cop the suite, I'm thinking 'yea' you ain't spare no expense, ho
Out of mind, but gave her time to get upstairs, though
Had some time, said a prayer, grab my nine, get his gear
Get this clear, I'm not gangsta, this is fair
But I gotta know, do I got a hoe
And did my best man cross me, then he gotta know
Stomach lick a full, til I'm pulling, put out to go
Gun I fumble, stumble out the car, but I didn't lock the door
But I dare po to ride me, yo, eyes low as I stroll
Through the lobby, bro, elevator door open and I slide through slow
Emotions about to defy my soul, and inside my skull
I ain't been this heartbroken since I was nine years old
And it's funny someone so hot can be behind this cold
Suite 1-0-9, I gotta define my roll
Let my mind explode, no mercy as my mind is zoned
Blood thirsty in the worst way, kick in the door
Let my hurt spray...


[Hook x2: Preacherman]
Said I'm tired of the games
Said I'm tired of the stress
Said I'm tired of the pain
Follow me...

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Record Label(s): 2008 Chambermusik Records

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