One Plan Lyrics

[Intro: Byata (Bronze Nazareth)]
Yeah, Byata, what's good?
Hah... let 'em know, yeah
(What's up with the future though, you know what I mean?)
Uh-huh (one plan, and divine man, spirituality
You know what I mean?) Uh (I got my head on right, you know?)

[Chorus: Bronze Nazareth, Byata]
One hook, one kiss, one feel, one love
Two hearts, two souls, two roads, two of us
One plan... one plan...

[Bronze Nazareth:]
Yo, let's toast, dubbed behind the walls of my mind
Let's elope out them pose of written roads with these lines
I know you sit by the phone, hope your finger, hold the ring
Even when the throne don't shine, you always a queen
Your walls bleed, my sound, rain cascade down
She ride, I hold it open, see, we "Love Spell" bound
I'm from Gun Rule, where flowers don't grow, only the trees
I mold the globe like holy bowls of pottery
Honor me, five fifths, a man, dealt a different hand
With specific plans, to own my own strips of land
Your eyes glow like the cosmics, she responded
Smile like the winds of Egypt, notice the sweet lips
Love your brown shade, can I write you a serenade
Walk in purple rain, and talk amongst the flood plains
My campaign remains to over flow your chains
In the way beems of light, I plan to die
Deep slide, and swim laps in your sinapse
Pin back your legs til your walls collapse, I slide through

There ain't nothing I wouldn't do for you
I know you would die for you, so I would die for you
See I would give this all up, if you would ask me too
Relax my mind, knowing that you got me, boo
You my king, I'm your queen, you my sun, I'm your earth
Words can't even express how much I love this worth
Disperse flows to express my, heavenly bliss
I feel blessed to possess a true love like this

[Bronze Nazareth:]
Yo, she cool though, she know I wear a hoody to her funeral
Blow a few at 'you-know-who', we travel like the news
How's paradise, share this life, Jamaican fahrenheit
As a man, I stand right to the course of the sun
Only happiness in life, is to love and be loved
One morning we can pause on the balcony warm weather
Alone in the world, and watch our future together
Your eyes be as wide as the heavens, I travel through you
Stand in timeless moments, go potent from the voodoo
Fires tremble, she crash just like the cymbal
I might just ask you, to buy a Wu tattoo
Let the clouds blanket you in my kingdom
Hold a delayed pen, when the jealous man's itching
It's tension, when it's pressure applied
Nobody fix your apron, ass shaking when you ride

You ain't gotta think twice, you my prize for life
I thank the highest for this gift, every morning I rise
Look into your eyes, I can see eternity, you turning me
On, with your sweet words, so I dedicate this verse
To you, cause this is what you deserve
Nothing less, with the best, I give you all of me
You sexy, whenever we be naked, L-O-V-E
Baby, you got me going crazy
And you know I love it when you call me your lady

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Record Label(s): 2010 A Black Day In July iH2D iHipHop Distribution
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