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Brick Van Exel
Boldy James


Brick Van Exel Lyrics

I'll be the shark

[Verse 1]
Came up on [❓❓] down the street from [❓❓]
10/11, ganged up with Concreatures, 227
Niggas snitchin', who you tellin'? Caught a body, move with Evan
Lost wallet, made me feel like I just fell right out of heaven
Raw baby always told me I was special
Taught me watch out for the double-crossin', don't let 'em finesse you
Shortin' 'em fifty-six grams, I'll catch you on the next two
Was rollin' for my uncle, now I front 'em to my nephew
Can't fall, who gon' catch you? Ain't no runnin' to your rescue
Plug bless you, then you throw the phone away after he text you
Can't stress to you enough, can't f*ck up if I connect you
In Detroit, the streets is multiple choice 'cause they gon' test you
Send a message and address you, chopper city in the ghetto
Skinny nigga with the freckles, Dr. Hyde, Mr. Jekyll
How much you wanna bet you never had to speak on Drexel
Splittin' a rex, I'll whip it with the left, Nick Van Exel
Let's get it

Gave it to Nick Van Exel who has thirty-six seconds. Two-point game, he only has to keep it on the floor. Now he drives, that's not gonna take it. Van Exel will. Seven to shoot. Van Exel with the leap. For the tie, you got it. Time out, Sacramento. Could this be better? Could this be better? An unbelievable game, unbelievable shot
[Verse 2]
Every time I met up with the plug felt like a setup
Little cuz facin' letters, I just told him keep his head up
Only thing that I could tell him, quarantinin' with the felons
Got out, got on, took it to Bowling Green where I could sell 'em
And triple up the profit while I feed 'em anesthetics
Big Creature like the relic, play with me and get beheaded
Unlawfully ever after to these streets, my bewedded
Spend that paper, spin the BM with this Drac', get him shredded
Touched down in Gainesville, booked a suite with her debit
Servin' all these pain pills, they look at me as a medic
Risk-takin' for this relish, bricks flakin' like the [❓❓]
Cook a ki then I sweat it, cookin' peas from [❓❓]
Used to walk the dog, take it off the leash, then I pet it
Could've got us all jammed, but lucky he ain't live to tell it
We dyin' in prison, the only thing a nigga dreadin'
Told him I was gon' kill him, he ain't believe me when I said it
Let's get it

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Record Label(s): 2020 Griselda
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