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Slob Bko
Bloods & Crips
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Slob Bko Lyrics

I feel like bustin' a cap in the face of a Slob fool
Now I've been a Crip from the gitty-up ???
Another Kelly at the scene of a crime spree
I get paid I don't murder muthaf*ckas for free
It's like you gotta see dead to play your card
Smoke any young Snoop and National Guard
They got M-16's no A.K.'s
With 47 ways I can stand up and get for days
Grab the strap, grab the beanie
Worm through dark so the Slobs don't see me
We callin' a truce but if the Snoops wanna trip
I break up the meeting and tell 'em: nigga this still Crip!
KELLY PARK just givin' a punch nigga
ATLANTIC DRIVE's up to way so the Mafia's bigger
NEIGHBORHOOD has got to get, you don't hear me though
SOUTH SIDE break it down to the C-Lo ??
SPOOK TOWN's ?in the next room?
ACACIA BLOCC steady givin' niggas the blues
My niggas up to no good
Steady puttin' in work on the Lueders mark
Gotta kill a Slob every single day of the month
SIX HOODS and DUCKY HOODS got to have fun
While the SWAMP put in work on 1-5-1
Tic toc another Slob drop
ANZAC gangsta Crip and LANTANA BLOCC
Set trippin'
?? from the toe, that's a no-no
You wanna scrap but I'm reachin' for my 44

Reachin' for the 44
I'm reachin' for the 44
Looks like another Slob B-K-O
I'm reachin' for the 44
Looks like another Slob B-K-O

Put the Slobs in they muthaf*ckin' grave
Hit the Crip-ass niggas in Compton and it's muthaf*ckin' real
So let them feel the ???
And you muthaf*ckin' Slob better step your ass back
Cause the niggas gettin' funky on the real level
Niggas dyin', niggas workin' for the devil
I'ma tell ya like this G
If I have to kill me a nigga that's just what it's gotta see
Cause I'ma scrap off the top
Put a nigga on chill and knock his ass out like a rock
And drop him right like a bad heaven
And now you know that I'ma reach for my muthaf*ckin' automatic
Yo dog, want to grab it
And let them niggas know that they can't have it
I'm bustin' the shells on a Snoop bitch
And f*ck a Snoop nigga
Cause it's a muthaf*ckin' trick
So duck your ass muthaf*cka
Cause if you don't then your monkey ass straight gotta suffer
Suffer from shit from a ??
Just another Crip block and go

I'm reachin' for the 44
Looks like another Slob B-K-O
I'm reachin' for the 44

Hey what's up with that Crip nigga?

I got love for them Crip niggas everyday
Hate a Slob like a Muslim on the K-K-K
Hit up the city ?and around yay I better?
L-B-C plug a slug in the middle letter
What's up with that Snoop-ass Jungle bitch?!?
Slob that, Slob this, now that's some C shit
And if you're Slobbin', f*ck being a brother
Sick shit - doin' a stroll and just die muthaf*ckas
I think a bootie try to smoke the G the R the J
Caught the homies from the hood and it's what to say
Same old Slob-ass bitches try to straight spray
So load up until you caught and the A.K.
When a Glock hittin' the dark homies hittin' me up
Now it's on for the muthaf*ckin' chicken bucks
Hit the corner where a ??? serve
Mad like a muthaf*cka so I have to blast first
They saw a ?? cause they feel what we got for 'em
But we connect this so they fallin' like a rainstorm 'em
Time to go since we seen Mr. 5.0
Creeps on a trip but another f*ckin' Slob hoe

Looks like another Slob B-K-O
Well I'm reachin' for the 44
Yeah yeah
Looks like another Slob B-K-O...

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Record Label(s): 2010 Warlock Records
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