C-k Ride Lyrics

What's that? A little funky shit
Ah, yeah
Oh yeah, check it out
Ah yeah

I'm comin' straight from the Five nigga
A young nigga is ?live? I'm high
Till this present meaning I'm f**ked that I showed up
Strapped with the 44, niggas know I got mine
Stretch with a Gauge, Polly-B with the Tec-9
Not to long ago Crabs try to test us
Talkin' that dumb shit tryin' to get the best of us
But when I ain't havin' it
Not takin' that bullshit
Cause you'll get a 44 bullet on your shiznit
It's not first time, won't be the last time
Niggas all on mine cause I'm from the Five-Line
I'm gonna roll cause nigga it's my time
Peace to the homies from the Four and the Duece-Nine
So motherf**kers give me my props
And if you don't
My .9 is gon' pop-pop
Leavin' suckers flat back on their ass, G
It's in hells where I'm livin' if you ask me
I give a f**k my nigga about dissin' them
Cause already I'm a product of the system

Bickin' it back being bool
Yeah, that's what my homie said
Rollin' down by the boulevard finna bust a C-K
That's a U-turn now we on Bradfield
Hope you ain't a Crab
That wants to get his cap peeled
Bloody Mary as you know
Is a Blood lover
Cause Crip gangs too busy killin' up each other
Throwin' up the B, C-K
About to bail
Water snakes givin' up this Crabby-ass smell
Really - silly - busta, no jokin'
Play with Piru and get your f**kin' jaw broken
Pump your brakes fool, true flue I ain't havin' it
Look at the true 'Ru sportin' a Bulls jacket
Bloody Mary is on the mic and I'm flamed up
Redrum murder you before you came up
When you bee me in red
Tell me: "what's up Blood?"
Don't even trip or slip dumb Crip
For 'Rus I got love

" Hey, hey Stretch, Blood...
C'mon, c'mon to ?Marvins? to put in some work on these Crabs over here in Piru
Hey, f**k them niggas, what about the Kelly Mark-ass niggas?
Oh yeah, right
We get their punk-ass too
Yeah, hey baby check this out, you roll
I'm servin' the motherf**kers "

Check this out, Kiki Loco
Bangin' ain't joke so let me laugh
You sounded like a bitch with your non rappin' ass
I saw you wearin that dirty clothes to match your dirty hood
And f**k that Filthy Bag who claimin' Lynwood
Yeah, Greedy-G
You sounded like a ?? geek
Your sorry mumble mouth motherf**ker off-beat
Let me say I wreck shop like cops and wreckin' niggas up
I'm rubbin' your girl, the pussy is good but she's a fat slut
Yep, it's all been Harlem, like you said
Yeah, the Brims and the Twenties leave a nigga dead
Wearin them - bhakis red low and burgundy Chucks
And if I catch you slippin' in my hood wearin' flue you gettin' f**ked up
By your true 'Ru nigga named C-K
Rick' get back, Rick' get ruled every single week day
And I can't stand Rickets 'cause they're scary
They could take a hairy dick and lick Bloody Mary

The Penalty for killin I'll pay the cost
I'ma ride C-K till the wheels fall off
You 'Hard Time Bustas' what the f**kin' you work?
Niggas call you 'Nappy Heads' while I zip on my sweatshirt
I got .9 holes to lay 'Tramps' on my sacks
I play the 'Cheese Toast', 'Bubble Gum' in my backpack
Ain't no way out when your casket is closed
You're gettin' rolled on by a Crenshaw Mafioso
I hate to being bothered cause you ?snitchin' for deep?
Ripping 'Snot Guns' in half cause I got big beef
Keep ridin' and duckin' and hidin' from the Four
Down to, down to, down to catch hoe
When I catch you slippin' here's your reminder
Red Rag is a C-K Rider

" Damn, damn, them fools got served
And we served them motherf**kers (Blood Gang - Blood Gang)
f**k that motherf**kin' ?? a.k.a. f**k ???
f**k the Crabs, I know I got beef to a tramp hood motherf**kers
AVENUE motherf**kin' ??
Mad Loko, Big Wack motherf**ker (right)
My motherf**kin' nigga Jugghead (right)
My motherf**kin' homeboy Big Dee from EAST/SIDE ?? motherf**kin' ELM
(All the time)
Rowdy motherf**kin' Lok
Yeah, we in this motherf**kin' G-Ride (Blood Gang)
Spook Dogg, my nigga Nutt (Blood Gang)
All you gangsta-ass niggas
My homeboy Rampage
My homeboy Lil' motherf**kin' Pac
Lil' motherf**kin' Bolo, big brother Stretch Dogg, what up fool!?
You niggas is real mothef**kin' gangstas
And we ain't f**kIN with these Crab niggas in the Nine-Tramp
Yeah, we buckin' their ass out
I gotta give a whole shot-outs to them motherf**kin' BOMPTON PIRU niggas
My homeboy mothef**kin' Tom Bomb... "

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Record Label(s): 1993 Warlock Records

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