Morte Et Dabo Lyrics

So he came forth and said onto me
Son, you are forsaken
Condemned for the sins that you live
I offer you forgiveness [x2]

Bow down before me
I will never bow to he who claims to be divine
I'll tear down your gates with my bare f*cking hands
And burn the world that you rule over
No matter how convinced you are, you're not a god of mine

I never believed in you
From what I see it was justified
I never believed in you,
In you

This power over the masses is a gift you don't deserve
When your blood spills, we'll drink from your f*cking skull
You can run, you can hide

I'll f*cking find you
I'll tear your eyes out of your self-righteous face
I'll f*cking find you
I'll tear your tongue out of your rancid f*cking mouth

Heaven will, burn to the f*cking ground
Your world will crumble, and fall from the skies
Blood will spill, and rain upon the earth
Your reign is over, and I'll wear your crown

This is your demise
I know you feel it in your chest
This is your demise
It's getting closer
This is your demise
I'm creeping from the depths of hell
This is your demise
I know where you sleep

I never believed in you
From what I can see it was justified
I never believed in you,
In you

What a way to end the world
With false hope in a false god
What a way to end the world
With false hope in you.

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Record Label(s): 2011 Sumerian Records
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Meaning to "Morte Et Dabo" song lyrics (21 meanings)
Larissa July 23, 2012-22:36

Im catholic & I love this song but the songs lyrics are horrible. The song is very catchy & good but it's just a bad song.
Ozzzy February 19, 2012-23:51

I'm catholic, I can't understand the lyrics or care about them. It's about how the music sounds that I love.
Janasaur:) January 4, 2012-10:09

The meaning to this song was to show the point of view of the devil towards God. Eventhough I'm highly Christian I like the song. It's a good song just to finally see the point of veiw of the devil.
the Reckless one January 3, 2012-1:07

i'm Catholic and when i heard this song i instantly fell in love with it and it's now my favorite Asking Alexandria song. So i think it's hilarious when i see my friends offended by it. xD
arcticmonkeys4life April 30, 2014-14:31

They didn't mean for it to be the point of view of Lucifer. They just wanted for a kickass song, and it is. "Morte Et Dabo was written to be the most evil, blasphemic song it could be. The only fictitious song on the record, about slaying god and tearing apart everything in the heavens. A real 'hell on earth' track. Not really much to say about it beyond that. It's fucking murderous." But hell, I am Catholic and I find the lyrics kind of meaningful. Sometimes I feel kind of like religion is dumb and tears us down as human.
possible meaning March 20, 2014-23:52

I was looking at a few sites to try and understand these lyrics. Many people were saying how it was based around the story of Lucifer. Basically him trying to take over god. Just something for you guys to think about. Hope it helped a little ⌒.⌒
questioner September 30, 2012-8:11

why comment if you dont like it. if you dont like it keep it to yourself and leave the comment section to those whom actually enjoy the band, the song, and the music. please and thank you.
Parita AA Freak August 8, 2012-14:07

Ok first of all this song rocks and the band is awesome i can't understand why some people don't like them!I would sell my soul to the devil to meet them.ASKING ALEXANDRIA U ROCK!
Godslayer June 19, 2012-15:56

Greatest song in rock! If religious people are offended by it, GOOD! I hope they do more offensive songs!
Jordan666 May 15, 2012-17:24

I'm mormon and I love this song! this song is my favorite one off the album. The song is from the view of Satan, that's what I think.
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