Not The American Average Lyrics

1, 2, 3, 4!
(All the things that she said, was it all in my head?)

Come on, baby,
Keep it down.
Honey, hush your lips.
Clothes trailing
From the backdoor
To the bedroom
And I don't even know your name.
Give me all you've got.
Make this night worth my time,
Make this worth my time (oh!)

What I would give to live this night again!
I knew when I first saw you,
You'd f**k like a whore!
You'd f**k like a whore!
Hope they hear you scream for more! (yeah!)

Your thighs were made for cheeks to graze.
My lips, your poison,
They bring you to your knees.[x2]

Ah, come on!

Girl, get down,

It's almost over!
Take it all the way!

You stupid f**king whore!

And after all of all my dreaming being only you,
You're standing there, baby, oh,
The things that I could do!
Back to the wall with a drink in my hand!
Back it up, baby, ride, ride, ride!

One step too late
And I never told you
That I can't take
Another disappointment.
Breathing and grasping all leads to another messy ending.
Breathing and grasping all leads to another messy ending.

With your back against the wall!
With your face buried in the pillow!
I see you cold!
I feel you heartless!
You stupid f**king bitch!
You stupid f**king bitch!

f**king bitch.

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Record Label(s): 2009 Sumerian Records

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Meaning to "Not The American Average" song lyrics (20 meanings)
asking athina June 5, 2012-11:53

i think i just had an 0rgasm in my ear!!!! holy f-ing chiz!!!!this is a total recap of wht happend to me last night!!! lol XD
GANGSTA WEEZY May 24, 2012-14:53

this is such a wonderful song!!!!!!! love this band yo!!!! her thhighs were made for cheecks to graze... lol wonderful. :D
SLICK@llDa^ March 19, 2012-19:18

This is sick hahah litterlally this song is dirtier than what i though it said.. haha Amazing song Though
ell November 16, 2011-4:02

i thought he yelled out titties haahahha but ten inch sounds the same when he yelles out titties so idk
AALOVER October 1, 2011-0:45

its funny how he says ten inch even when hes not ten inches because he looks like 6 or 5 inches in the pic of him naked xD
Aaron September 16, 2011-10:25

Youre an idiot if you think he says Danny He obviously says ten inch hence he says that in concert AND it says so in the lyric book when you buy the album get to know your AA
Kristin September 10, 2011-16:32

here's an easy way to find out. but the cd. listen religiously. and don't give a flying duck what anyone else has to say about it.
whatever August 23, 2011-16:17

so basically, every lyric website says ten inch, ive heard him say ten inch in concert, i can get why hed say danny && why people say that, but its just plain ten inch. guess hes big in the pants...
Katy July 20, 2011-17:44

Guys, CHILL OUT. If you put your headphones in and turn the song up real loud, you can CLEARLY hear them say TEN INCH.
Jason June 15, 2011-19:52

I always thought he said Did it not ten inch but since everyone is saying he says danny Idk what he says...
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