Rap Attack Lyrics

[Andre Nickatina]
I parlay everyday like Billy Ray Valentine
Baby can you handle mine
Strikin 4 late when I drive
I’m like a barracuda Ruger when I do ya
Pursue her with maneuvers man it’s only done by troopers
The killer kinetic energetic you better get it
So duck real low when I spit the unleaded
The feisty Pisces icy like me
Killa whale male that rhyme so sheisty
Chrome wheel effect, just like an architect
Baby will you play when your shirt get wet
We lounge like blood hounds with a Doberman pincher style
Wait till the raps cock back and then POW
So OG like what happened to that
Retaliate with my rappin attack
It’s the big game smoker face like playin poker
My man got this game organized like a broker
So proceed and let’s quadruple four g’s
Hold please don’t interrupt me when I roll weed
Quick to put it down in towns that we visit
Explicit lifestyles that make ‘em turn around
Recognize exquisite mouthpiece is vicious
Approach to this whole rap business
Fade like mixers and try to come anew like the Sixers
Capture the moment visual like pictures
Descriptive game’ll make em all believe
There’s more to please overseas
And after these flip more and hit em hard with reason
And ain’t gonna hustle just to break even
And lately I’m something like a baby that’s teethin
Uncomfortable with the situation but it’s needed
Hey it’s me and dre comin through with the rap attacks
Smooth like E-Daddy rollin in a Cadillac
[Andre Nickatina]
Hey it’s the five millimeter spitter on you like a transmitter
Gotta kick back with my live-ass cats of rap
I twirl around like a whirlwind
Writin with a pearl pen
Gotta have a eighth partna when I start swirlin
Lay it down like Vietnam
Something like a Vietcong when it comes to makin cash and blowin bomb
Do it like it’s Federal do it with a fetti style
Loaded like a gun until you hear a big POW
My raps straight attack ya
Fact is never get captured
The stature that slaps ya
Play it off with laughter
Lyrical work a lyrical master
I has’ta strike faster than the average rapper
No got me trippin on the aftermath
And Nickatina had your boy signin autographs
Smokin a half and I’m tryna get more scratch than rashes
Cut off suckelles attach the bashes
They on lock like latches leeches and bloodsuckers
Tryna take life from me you stupid motherf**ker
I go about it so serious and so strict
Watch it see through who I’m associatin with
I gotta represent cuz I know I’ll never hear the end of it
Haters love to hate but somehow I’ma benefit
Out of this limitless I indicate action
Interactin on the interstate rappin with a passion
[Andre Nickatina]
They don’t wanna see me with a pencil and an instrumental
Blazin like a Cajun on the streets when I’m racin
Grip it like I meant it when I sent it to the bank
Spittin to my tigas with the cognac drinks
I eats on a big plate devilish mind state
The weight of my way yo increase the crime rate
With verses and vocals pieces of pronouns
Cock back the raps on that ass like POW

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