Jumpman Lyrics


They call me Jumpman
I rock them new jays
whats on your neck bro?
like 22 kays
when will you be rich?
in 22 days
How do you make the money?
I gotta few ways

(first verse) ACE

I got fresh bread, it is never stale
Im straight to the point like a digital
brought work to school like co-op
and i always bring the heat, but i dont
talk to no cops
i make big cake like a tall baker
your in the background like wallpaper
this is not mastered it was just mixxed
on wax for your ears like q-tips
hoes wanna hang out like a clothes line
so i bang em then i tell em get lost like
no sign
i got hard without male enhancers
and im so smooth like a head with cancer

(chorus) (x2)

do you smell that ?
slite gain wiff
white paint piff
bright late lift
lightweight sniffed
nice date swift
tite great stiff
bite wait spit
dry grade lit
tie died mixxed
ride str8 fixxed
for those high way chicks
that are driveway pissed
well my ways this
buy jay kicks
grind pray frick
rhyme weigh zip
lime grape or nip
pry legs quick
sly swag slick
"bye" drag dip
why brag lip?
lie nag trip
spy tag yip

(chorus) (x2)

(third verse) ACE

aayo, if your slangin then lets go
while i hang in my ecko
with a bag full of smarties if your bangin
to techno
wheres the party smarty? we can start with
a 40
then end with an orgy
it depends if your horny
undo my belt hunny and drop my drawrs for
export a hundi
dresser drawrs full of money
cutting boards full of yayo
gotta bitch tucked in the bed and
im cutting the coke with ephedrine
the prices are to pricy
it might seem sheisty
my bitches act feisty
so dont say nothen unless your sayin it
my currency accumulates
currently im used to hate, purposely refuse
to weight

(chorus) (x4)

Fatal Division 2009

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