Whats The Occasion Lyrics

Ill give you an option
whats the occasion?
you can be watching
through the standing Ovation
your on the sidelines of mind
i gotta get mine

(first Verse) ACE

Ace the great
I keep an 8 like ovechkin
and if I lose weight, blame the recession
makin connections like a modem
im so d.l, youd have to download him
from windsor to b.r to st.jocem
I got em rollin like some double stacked channels
i make them ask themselves "what is it that haskell sells"
peter piper picked up a pack pills
how much profit did peter piper make a pop if he got em for a buck
a piece then sold them for 10
thats an increase of 90 percent
moved to the east payed may, june and julys rent
gotta couch with a pull out bed
pull it out and skeet
im smoken blunts from a fold out chair on the balcony
talk calm on the phone like don carleone
because we might barge in there homes
crow bar to the dome

(chorus) (x2)

(second verse) ACE
you better pull it when its time to ride
cuz im the type of guy to dip the bullet in the cianide
for just a "piece of mind" dog its a piece of pie
and grampa kept a pistol in his cabinett
with a full box of AE's
if i need to grab it
keep a shank just incase the club gets crowded
jab it in and twist
now your abdomin is ripped
dont stop until he stumbles and he slips
slits cant be fixxed by scabs or gettin stitched
now im laughen while you twitch
then im back to gettin rich or just mackin on a bitch
Fatal Division is collauged in camoflauges
whos got the snips?
got sacs the size of santa clauses
dont worry what the cost is
got broads working for the chop , hold it in there croch
and give massages
im so sick ill leave you nautious and when the light hits my watch
its sort of abnoctious

(chorus) (x2)

Fatal Division 2009

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