War Time All The Time Lyrics

Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
I am God, motherf*ckers better bow down!

[Verse 1: LIL MURDER]
Dead bodies all around, hunnid rounds out
Smell it in the air everytime I'm f*cking 'round town
Lay 'em down, one by one, I pick 'em off without sound
Cock the hammer back, brains splat, hauled off on a bloody mat
Chain snatched, I like the way it shines when I'm back in black
Blood diamonds glisten, hear the victims yell (why?!)
Got the choir singing all the songs of f*cking hell
As I hear the voices swell, I know the demons wish me well
Bath salts in the nose, feel like eatin' a f*cker's face
Now I'm speeding in the Bronco like it's 1998
Take away the cameras, motherf*cker, now it's war time
Behind enemy lines, PTSD just means I'm high
Bring me life, bring me life so I can end it on my own time
Meeting the reaper, all day tryna take me off the frontlines
I just want some peace of mind, sick and tired of feeling tired

[Verse 2: 7TH WARD LORD]
I declare war, Armageddon, let us swarm
I'll bring the f*cking storm, bury me in uniform
Units form under the rising sun
G*59, the tide has come
Wash the blood, unite as scum
Fill the air with tyrant dust
Tonight we die, grey flags, wave 'em high
Point your guns up at the sky, yelling, "We know God has died!"
Palm trees drip with f*cking fire, smoke and ash all in my eyes
It's war time, all the f*cking time
Now who wanna die?
Follow me, we can see the other side
And if anyone's in the way, rip out their spine
Leave 'em behind and repeat 'till we die
Grey*59 army, we bleed 'till we dry
Enemies, nothin' but enemies
Kill 'em all, burn it all down, no new friends
We'll piss on their graves, and then claim it's our legacy
We were all doomed, written in our destiny
Peace? It will never be
At least 'till I am deceased, underneath the ground
Shoot off a round, watch me bleed
Got the lead separatin' my head, tag my feet
Bury me in the sea, and try not to forget me

[Outro: 7TH WARD LORD & The '60s]
I'll become a ghost and haunt you daily
Hell no, we won't go, hell no, we won't go
Taunt you 'till you remember me daily
Hell no, we won't go, hell no, we won't go

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Songwriter(s): Scott Arceneaux Jr., Aristos Petrou
Record Label(s): 2018 G 59 Records
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