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Zander Bleck - EP
Zander Bleck - EP
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Driven by unwavering passion and raw talent, Zander Bleck, 24, based in New York City, has set out to take the world by storm as an international music artist.Diversely inspired by music from the legends of classic rock, (Led Zeppelin, Queen, U2) to the more contemporary sounds and production of (Coldplay, Daft Punk, and Kanye West), Zander Bleck has blended his powerful singing and songwriting talent with the top production of Adam Longlands of the Matrix Group to create a phenomenal mix of vintage rock, pop and electronic sounds.In 2003, Zander moved from rural NJ, to New York City to pursue his passion for the arts, and break into the entertainment industry as a model and actor. His unique good looks, creative mindset, and... read more
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