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SFA (Stands For Anything) are a New York hardcore band, formed in the winter of 1984 by local zine writer Mike Bullshit. They played their first gig on Easter Sunday 1985 with Major Conflict, Sheer Terror and Token Entry. Coincidentally, their first drummer, Tim McArdle, left SFA in 1986 to sing for Token Entry. Their first release was a 7" named New York with vocal duties shared by Mike Bullshit and Brendan. Mike later left the band and formed another legendary NYHC band, GO!. Other members of importance were Bill Arbizu, Jan Lorenzen and Kid Lynch on bass, guitar and drums respectively. After the aforementioned 7" they released New Morality LP, So What? LP, Unclean 7" and Solace LP. They also appeared on vario... read more