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Random Shit from the Internet Era
Random Shit from the Internet Era
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Sam Spiegel, also known as Squeak E. Clean, is an American producer/DJ/composer from New York who grew up in Manhattan and Westchester County.As a child, Sam studied classical voice, cello, and flute, but by his teens, he enjoyed hip hop music.In addition to creating his own material, Spiegel has worked with musicians such as Ben Lee, Maroon 5, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. He has also scored commercials for companies including Converse, Levi's, Reebok, ESPN, T-Mobile, Jose Cuervo, and Saturn, and his production company scored the video game Skate 2.Though he attempts to create music free of record label restraints, Spiegel also licenses his songs whenever possible so as to maximize exposure for his work.Spiege... read more