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Turbulence - Single
Turbulence - Single
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There are at least six bands of the same name, in approximate order of popularity:1-A death metal band from Canada.2-A death metal/grindcore band from Australia.3-A death metal/grindcore band from Kassel, Germany.4-A chiptune artist based in Hull, UK.5-A death metal band from Turkey. 6-Post-Hardcore band from Leeds, UK1: Paroxysm was formed in 1996. Created in an original manner in Longueuil in the suburbs of Montreal by Sébastien Tremblay (vocals), Gaston Gendron (guitars), Benoit Quévillon (guitars) and Eric Desrochers (bass). In 1997, Antoine Rousseau joined the group on drums allowing Paroxysm to have a complete formation. Then, Eric left giving place to Yan Racicot. In 1999, the group was ready to deliver ten compositions... read more