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In: Summer of 2010Hometown Location: Toronto, OntarioGenre: Hardcore/MetalcoreBand LineupYakov (Yank) Smith > Guitar/VoxAaron Biren > GuitarSimi Abrams > BassBenyamin Smith > Drums/VoxBiographyFormed after 49 Daze disbanded members Benyamin Smith, Simi Abrams and Yakov Smith decided to form a new, heavier band with guitarist Aaron Biren to make the heaviest music they can possibly make. Formed in summer of 2010 no time was wasted as demos were released on myspace. Following that songs of album quality are released . With the songs off their 2011 release of "Taken From David" The band has been given the thumbs up from reviews sites and the likes of Aryeh Kunstler (who has compar... read more