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Born Danville, Ill, ( Lil Sko ) was raised in Memphis, Tenn. As he began his journey through the back streets of Memphis, his presence was being felt on the underground scene. From popping up on DJ Squeeky’s mix tapes and Manson Family, Skinny Pimp mix tapes “Underground Hustlers “, to Indo G’s “Christmas in Memphis”, and Tommy Wright III ”Behind Closed Doors”. Lil Sko was making his name stand out in the south Hip Hop world. With Lil Sko seeing the success of the projects he participated on, it focused him and gave him the urge to search for angles to the next level of the game. Anxiously to lead the New South, he began a paper route that landed him out west, in Las Vegas, NV. There he connected with Mac Nig a.k.a Alna... read more